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ankle arthritis treatment

Hi, this is Dr. Anand Vora. Today I’d like to go through some of the frequently asked questions that we discuss with patients when we’re discussing options for them for the treatment of ankle arthritis. The two most common surgical considerations that we have are ankle fusion and ankle replacement.

Some of the differentiating factors that we discuss with patients, in order to help make a shared decision of what may be best for that patient, include factors such as age of the patient, associated comorbidities, or other risk factors such as diabetes or neurologic problems – also patient expectations. Do they expect to be able to go back to running and doing high impact level activities? Are they looking for more pain relief with everyday activities? What is the patient’s lifestyle and what are their work-related activities? Are they doing more of a labor type of job or are their jobs more sedentary?

These factors all play a role in how long an ankle replacement may last. They may also play a role in how long an ankle fusion may last and what additional surgeries may be necessary later in life as a consequence of one surgery versus another.

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