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A healthier, fitter you begins with the food you put in your body.

If you’ve revamped your exercise plan but noticed that the pounds refuse to melt off, your diet could be to blame. By eating more nutritiously and knowing which foods to cut out, you’ll look and feel better.

Need some help making a diet plan you’ll want to stick to? These 30 Bay Area nutritionists are just a phone call away.


Whole Body Reboot

Featured on Telemundo, CNN, ABC 7, The Boston Globe and Today, Manuel Villacorta’s weight loss techniques have many followers. At Whole Body Reboot, Villacorta creates customized low-calorie, fat-burning meal plans for his clients. These can even be vegetarian or vegan.    


Food Therapy

Kristin at Food Therapy seeks to “transform your relationship with food.” She offers two programs, one for detoxing and the other for nutrition counseling. Self-guided detoxing lasts 21 days and include detox smoothies and supplements combined with nutritious meals. Kristen’s nutrition counseling includes two monthly coaching sessions and access to helpful resources.


Wise Roots Nutrition

Carla Hernandez, the founder of Wise Roots Nutrition, discovered that altering her diet improved her skin. With her 12-week weight loss program called Get at the Roots, she wants her clients to also feel better when looking in the mirror. This program can rule out food sensitivities, introduce healthful supplements and teach clients to live without carbs and sugar.


Mangoman Nutrition and Fitness

Cyrus Khambatta has Type 1 diabetes, and his program at Mangoman Nutrition and Fitness is designed to help those living with both Type 1 or Type 2. His nutrition plan may help clients lower cholesterol, increase energy levels and manage blood glucose levels while losing weight. Khambatta’s work has been featured in Diabetes Daily, PBS, NPR, FitStar and the Diabetes Assessment & Management Centers.


Essential Nutrition for You

Author and nutritionist Rania Batayneh at Essential Nutrition for You offers several weight loss programs and nutrition services. Her wellness coaching and weight loss consulting plans even include catering. Need to lose weight fast? Batayneh’s 90-day program can do just that. For those who have more time to meet their weight loss goals, there’s also a six-month program and a one-year program.

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Happy Belly Health

Want a happy belly? Shanti Pappas at Happy Belly Health is a digestion expert who designs customized diet plans for her clients. Pappas’ approach to losing weight does not “dwell on calories, carbs, fats, and proteins.” Clients can then build a healthier relationship with food, avoiding deprivation.


Primo Health Coach

Daniel Sanelli, the founder of Primo Health Coach, created a handful of weight loss programs, among them Primo Detox, Primo Gut Repair, Primo Blood Chemistry Analysis and Total Primo Health. Need more specialized attention? Enroll in Sanelli’s Primo Health Classroom with online lessons that can instill better eating habits.


Holistic Nutrition by Candice Howarth

Candice Howarth grew up admittedly obsessed with nutrition. Today, she uses her knowledge to help clients meet their weight loss goals. Her holistic programs introduce better-for-you foods that she says may eliminate insomnia, acid reflux and joint pain. Not only does she offer meal delivery services, but she can teach clients how to balance their blood sugar and improve their heart health. She can even advise clients about which dietary changes to make when pregnant.


Whole Body Balance

Coach and nutrition consultant Angela Ross of Whole Body Balance knows how restrictive it feel be to go on a low-calorie diet, which is why she prefers to work with her clients one-on-one to design a meal plan that works for them. If you often can’t refrain from the sweets, try Ross’ 10-Day Sugar Detox. It includes recipes for meals that can help anyone forget about sugar for good.


Food NE/RD

Food NE/RD was founded by the team of dietician Tali Sedgwick, nutrition educator Jessica Guterman and dietician Hava Tabari Unger. These women want you to “feel your best, one forkful at a time.” With locations in Oakland and San Francisco, clients can come in for group consultations or one-on-one sessions.


San Francisco Nutritional Therapy

“The myriad … health problems that plague modern society result from weaknesses in the body’s physiological foundations as a result of poor nutrition,” says Ashley Hathaway at San Francisco Nutritional Therapy. She mostly specializes in Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS), having developed a nutrition program based on the work of Natasha Campbell McBride.

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Wellspace SF

The team at Wellspace SF offers coaching in all areas of life, including careers, relationships and nutrition. Kim Denkhaus, Angie Lan and Kristy Crandell are the nutrition coaches and dieticians. Each woman has a somewhat different philosophy toward health and wellness, but all of them believe that there is no one way to lose weight that works for everyone.


Julie Scott Nutrition

It took years for Julie Scott to realize that her diet was playing a role in her poor health. Once she figured that out, she decided to study nutrition so she could help others. You can improve your own gut health with her digestive health program. She also has a weight loss program so clients can finally drop those stubborn pounds.


Tri Holistic Nutrition

Tamar Cohen at Tri Holistic Nutrition favors whole foods and encourages clients to incorporate the same into their diets. Cohen’s nutrition services include food allergy testing, body antioxidant testing, cleansing and detox programs, sports nutrition, weight loss and weight management and dietary help for those with cancer, diabetes and more. Book sessions and receive a nutrition assessment, a tour of a local grocery store, several follow-up meetings and phone support.


Sharon Stewart

A Palo Alto nutritionist, Sharon Stewart has worked with clients with gastrointestinal disorders, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other medical conditions. Her four-week program starts with a diet assessment. Afterward, there’s a consultation where the client discusses personal weight loss goals and then gives a progress report.


Ascend Body

Shane Young and his team at Ascend Body are holistic nutrition experts and personal trainers. You can stop by to get your eating and exercise regimen on track. When it comes to your diet, ask about the detox services. There’s also a nutrition program that incorporates healthy whole foods and superfoods.




Although the team at JumpstartMD offers hormone therapy, the group is especially known for its weight loss program, with plenty of satisfied clients sharing their results. That program includes a biometric evaluation and a body composition analysis. With such detailed information, JumpstartMD staff can create a specialized diet plan that’s effective.  


Vital Nutrition & Wellness

Angela Stanford’s main goal at Vital Nutrition & Wellness is to “teach people about where their food comes from, the power food choices have to make each of us vibrantly healthy and strong, and how to nourish the earth so it can continue to feed us and our children for generations to come.”

She does home consultations in which she cleans out kitchen cabinets to fill them with healthier food. She also provides grocery store tours and she teaches seminars and workshops. If you need extra help, Stanford has one-on-one nutrition counseling.



Linda Michaelis at LindaRD focuses on whole body wellness, including lowering cholesterol, decreasing blood pressure, managing diabetes and losing weight. Linda herself lost more than 60 pounds and wants to help others meet those same goals (or even bigger ones). With nutrition education and consultations, clients can reimagine their diet so it’s more nourishing. Michaelis even offers fertility nutrition advice for men and women.


Eat 2 Perform

Founder Alene Baronian and nutritionist Kiley Field help clients meet their weight loss goals at Eat 2 Perform. Their philosophy is to learn to “understand your needs, your personality and your body make-up in order to offer realistic and personal solutions to your nutrition and health concerns.” Services include wellness, weight management and sports nutrition.


Feel Good Nutrition Consulting

In Oakland, Megan Montoya at Feel Good Nutrition Consulting has taught her clients to eat better with diabetes, to reduce food intolerance and to lose weight in the process. During consultations, Montoya will review a client’s eating habits and combine this with a body composition analysis and nutrient analysis to devise a diet plan.


Marisol Kim

Nutrition consultant Marisol Kim studied kinesiology and nutrition in California and now applies her knowledge every day. She offers hormone therapy and digestive wellness programs that can target problems caused by improper digestion, such as fatigue, cravings and moodiness. Kim herself had digestion problems that she resolved with a healthy diet.

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The Nutrition RN

Cynthia Allen, who calls herself The Nutrition RN, overcame problems with fatigue by cleaning up her diet. She now wants to share what she learned with others around the Bay Area. Her custom nutrition program includes a body fat analysis, kinesiology testing, supplement plan, email support, visits and consultations, recipes, and meal plans.


The Nourished Belly

Before becoming a nutritionist, Tammy Chang at The Nourished Belly studied at Berkeley’s Three Stone Hearth Apprentice Program. Chang offers catering services and nutritional coaching. Make sure to sign up for one of her exercise classes, too, where she teaches capoeira and Power Pop.


Sterling Nutrition

Wendy Sterling at Sterling Nutrition is experienced in helping clients with weight management, eating disorder recovery and sports nutrition. She offers a free nutrition analysis right on her website so potential clients can assess their trouble spots before scheduling a consultation.


GreenLite Medicine

GreenLite Medicine is staffed with nurses, physicians and coaches who guide clients toward a more nutritious diet and lifestyle. Each week, you’ll speak with your coach to discuss your goals and what you can do differently next time. You’ll also eat healthful and nutrient-rich meals as suggested by GreenLite.


Nourishing Self

Alysia Gatchalian McDonough at Nourishing Self also offers GAPS consultations (weekly on Sundays). Her nutrition package includes a tour of the local grocery store and follow-up appointments. Clients keep a food journal so Gatchalian McDonough can create a targeted meal plan.


Jill West Nutrition Counseling

Jill West grew up with a passion for medicine, eventually becoming a registered dietician nutritionist. She understands that a man’s diet may differ from a woman’s, which is why she offers specialized women’s nutrition counseling. You can also bring the whole family for her nutritional program designed for kids to adults.


Fresh Approach

The team at Fresh Approach — which includes nutrition managers, food access program managers and nutrition educators — seeks to make “a stronger, healthier, and more sustainable local food system through education and programming.” By focusing their efforts at the neighborhood level rather than the individual level, the team is able to provide nutritious and healthy options to low-income communities.


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