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Board certified orthopaedic surgeon Anand Vora is featured in a recent anniversary edition newsletter of Arthrex. The publication, called What’s New at Arthrex, is issued by the company that has manufactured more than 7,500 products to date for arthroscopic and minimally invasive orthopaedic surgical procedures. Considered a leader in arthroscopic and orthopaedic solutions for over 20 years, Arthrex is read by surgeons and scientists from across the globe.

In his surgical technique video, deemed by Arthrex as one of the most popular of 2014, Dr. Vora “presents the placement of the Compression FT screw in Chevron and Scarf osteotomies,” or as he puts it for the laymen among us “shows how to fix bunion deformities using a screw technique.”

Dr. Vora says that the benefit to the patient when he uses this surgical method is that it “allows for immediate walking on the foot in question after surgery with quick recovery.”

Watch the video here.


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