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man holding his foot from chronic foot pain

What are the Best Ways to Relieve Chronic Foot Pain?

Chronic foot pain is ubiquitous; a lot of people have foot pain. So much of it is because of inappropriate shoewear, inappropriate maintenance of shoe gear, just not taking care of our feet, and being abusive to our bodies over a period of time.

Some ways we can get rid of foot pain are being very sensible about the shoes we wear, about the surfaces that we’re working on, trying to modify surfaces, and trying to modify the activities that we’re doing for both leisure as well as for sports and for work.

The main issue, from a physician standpoint, is identifying the cause of the chronic foot pain. Is it related to bony deformities? Is it related to tendon problems or other soft tissue abnormalities? Once we identify the actual cause of chronic foot pain, we can really hone in and focus on the treatment method. This allows us to optimize the final outcome and improve the condition to the fullest.

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