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24 Phenomenal Fitness Apps That Keep You Motivated, Moving and Healthy

Fitness apps have become so personalized, it’s like having a trainer in your back pocket. Tracking your every movement, you can be electronically coached and cheered on every step of your fitness plan, whether your goal is weight loss, specific event training or you simply want to increase your activity level and overall health.

There are hundreds of fitness apps available for download, so we wanted to make it easier for you to find a good one for your fitness goals. Below are 24 of the best fitness apps that represent a variety of sports, exercises and disciplines.


(iOS, Android)

From Under Armour, the MMF app is designed to make fitness training easy. Track all your exercise and workouts, and if you upgrade you can get audio coaching to bring your training to the next level. You can also create (and share) your own map for your walk or run; when you want to change, choose a nearby route that has already been created.


(iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone)

This app tracks how far you run, walk, kayak or bike using GPS. It keeps track of duration, distance, elevation change, calories burned and more. One user warns that while Runtastic is a great app to use outdoors, you can’t update distances when you’re exercising indoors — on a treadmill, for instance. There’s an integrated music player, and the pro version includes auto pause, 3D mapping, a voice coach and expert training plan.



The fitness app from Azumio that nearly does it all tracks all your activities, starting with how many steps you take of the daily recommended 10,000. Easily integrating with most other fitness apps that you might already have, information rarely has to be input manually. Designed with easily identifiable hexagons, important information can be seen at a glance with details revealed by a tap.



(iOS, Android)

More than 30 million people can’t be wrong. That’s how many people RunKeeper says have downloaded the app that tracks your workouts, whatever the activity, using the GPS in your phone. There are pre-planned routes to follow, or you can map on the go, and audio updates let you know how you’re doing, giving you metrics such as total mileage, calorie count, pace and speed. In this selfie-obsessed world, you can even take and tag sweaty selfies as you exercise.

24 Phenomenal Fitness Apps That Keep You Motivated, Moving and Healthy


Garmin Fit

(iOS, Android)

With Garmin Fit on your phone, you’ve got a fitness trainer that tracks speed, distance and calories burned. Compatible with cadence sensors, which measure energy output in the form of rotations per minute, it’s a great app to use when biking.



(iOS, Android)

If you’re looking for a training log for your bodybuilding workouts, the app from Jefit gives you that and much more. In addition to letting you create personalized workout routines, view your progress and manage the stats, it’s got an enormous exercise database complete with descriptions and animations.


Making exercise truly fun in a social fitness game format, this iPhone app awards you points for walking or running through a small area called a turf. You can compete with friends for points or even capture new turf in a Game of Thrones-style battle for territory. There’s really nothing else like it out there that keeps runners and walkers motivated.



(Android, iOS, Windows Phone)

This sports tracker app was designed to make exercise fun and social in order to motivate people to get and stay active. It records and tracks progress as you run or bike, registering duration, distance, and calories burned so you can easily see your progression. There’s an audio coach for feedback, and you can also get real-time pep talks from friends and post workout information for exercise buddies in your social network to see.


Zombies, Run!

(iOS, Android)

There’s simply no better way to work out than to intersperse peaceful jogging with bouts of terrified sprinting as you run for your life from hordes of zombies. Whether you’re walking outside or making tracks on the treadmill indoors, this adventure story and game keeps you from the boredom inherent in exercise routines, distracting you with the need to run farther and faster to escape the zombie hordes.


GYM Shuffle


Another app that focuses on beating the boredom of your exercise routine, GY Shuffle is a workout randomizer, letting you combine exercises randomly so that you never work out the same twice. With more than 90 exercises in its Full Body and Isolated categories, there are a total of some 25,000 possible combinations in addition to step-by-step illustrations and instructions.


Six Pack Abs

(iOS, Android)

From Runtastic, this fitness app is for people who want to increase core strength and get a defined six-pack stomach, but who don’t have the time or money for a personal trainer at the gym. Follow your choice of avatar trainer in a selection of more than 50 exercise videos in the full version, with either predefined or customized training plans.

24 Phenomenal Fitness Apps That Keep You Motivated, Moving and Healthy



(iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

A mobile app that counts calories and tracks food consumption, MyFitnessPal is touted to be the world’s largest nutrition and calorie database, with more than 4 million foods accounted for. Combined with a good exercise regime, this app can help you lose weight or maintain your current healthy weight. In addition to tracking exercise, setting diet goals and syncing your progress to the website, you can calculate how long it will take you to reach your goal weight. Also included are calorie counts and nutrition facts for foods served at popular restaurants.


Lose It!

(iOS, Android)

Lose It! brings back-to-basics techniques for losing weight to high tech: Setting a daily calorie budget, and tracking your daily food intake and exercise. Peer support is a big component in successful weight loss and maintenance, and with the free program, you can find and connect with friends, and join public groups and challenges. If you opt for the upgrade, with its yearly premium of $39.99, you can enjoy a boatload of other features, including joining and creating private and hidden groups and challenges.


GoSwim Lite

(iOS, Android)

For anyone who wants to become a better swimmer, GoSwim by Mobile Roadie can certainly help. The app offers free drills (with video) on how to improve your turns and starts as well as your overall technique in all four strokes. Exclusive content is another feature, with weekly inspiration that includes photos, articles and practices. A paid subscription to the GoSwim website allows you access to the world-class swimmers, including world record holders and Olympic competitors.



(Android, iOS)

Sleep is a crucial component of good health, and this simple app helps you get a good night’s sleep. SleepBot can actually track any movement or sound you make during the night, and by tapping a button when you go to bed and again when you wake, you can create a time log. With the smart alarm system, you’ll wake up during a light sleep pattern, feeling more refreshed.


Pocket Yoga

(iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

When you don’t have time to get to the studio, you can still practice the Downward-Facing Dog or assume the Warrior pose with this fitness app. For each of the hundreds of different poses in yoga, you’ll find voice and video instructions as well as written directions, and you can choose from three levels of difficulty and duration.




If you love to dance as a fun way to keep fit, the iDance! app may be for you. It has 40 preset classes of all levels and the teaching portion comes with 225 individual dance animations, which you can switch between front and side views. From burlesque to disco to swing, there are many dance styles to choose from.


Pocket Salsa

(iOS, Android)

When salsa’s your choice of dance exercise, you can take more than 150 lessons with the Pocket Salsa app. Beginners can learn to dance salsa in minutes, and more experienced dancers can polish their techniques, putting together new dance combinations for added spice.


Yoga Mama


This prenatal yoga app is divided into 12 easy-to-follow chapters, with videos covering a wide range of topics, including various poses and standing sequences as well as open twists and relaxation. Those all-important pelvic floor exercises are targeted in addition to some ailments common during pregnancy.


Oh Baby!


This app is for pregnant women and provides exercises designed specifically for each week of pregnancy. It draws on yoga, Pilates and strength-building exercises, and the app presents these with short videos and descriptions that show exactly how to do the exercise. String exercises together to make your own personalized pregnancy workout, and track your daily workout, noting how you felt.

24 Phenomenal Fitness Apps That Keep You Motivated, Moving and Healthy


Daily Burn

(iOS, Android)

Streaming workouts from elite trainers is the real draw on this fitness app, but it really has much more to it than that. There are personalized diet plans and exercise schedules (with reminders) as well as videos to show you how to do the exercise correctly. Workouts include everything from cardio to strength to yoga, and it includes tracking features to measure your progress and weight loss.




A bodybuilding app, Gymprovise is helpful especially for beginners, with its diagrams of which machines to use when targeting specific muscle groups. There are more than 500 strength and cardio exercises in the database, with an option to generate workouts randomly for extra variety. It also keeps track of all your workouts, weight and body measurements.



(iOS, Android)

Formerly called GymPact, this is the app that pays you to work out. If you’re someone who needs a bit of a push to exercise or eat healthy food, and you like money, Pact may be the perfect fitness app for you. Basically, you have to commit to how many gym visits you’ll make in the week ahead and then agree to how much of a fine you’ll pay if you fall short of that promise. When cash is at stake, you might be pleasantly surprised at how this little app can help you achieve your goals.




For fast and effective workouts anywhere, anytime, you’ll appreciate this fitness app, which applies the principles of high intensity circuit training to a variety of short workouts. Choose the sequence that best fits your schedule and exercise needs, and you’re off. The quick workout videos are designed by top personal trainers to supercharge your metabolism for an optimal calorie burn.


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