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Do you suffer through almost every season, always coming down with a case of the sniffles in the spring, and a cold during the winter?

Are you trying to improve your diet and exercise but always fall back into the same bad patterns?

Do you wake up each morning stiff and sore, going day after day with aching muscles, bones or joints?

These 25 health and pain apps can help you track your symptoms to discover triggers, manage your diet, get you motivated to exercise, learn techniques for feeling better and even let you connect with real doctors without leaving home.


General Health Apps


We all know that we’re supposed to drink up to eight 8-ounce glasses of water every single day. How many of us actually do that, though? Waterlogged is here to help you get closer to that goal. Take pictures of your water to help make a record of your consumption. Over time, you can measure how much water you drink on a weekly, monthly and even yearly basis. You can also set a schedule for consumption, and Waterlogged will send you notifications when it’s time to fill up another glass.


Noom Coach

Losing weight is no simple task, and it’s OK to get some help along the way. Noom Coach helps make your goals a reality by delivering a diet and exercise plan each day that lets you know how many steps to take and how many calories to consume. If you go out to eat, let Noom know, and it’ll recommend lower-calorie meals with moderate serving sizes. The app can even scan when you’re eating and let you know how many calories it contains.



Normally, you pay for an app, not the other way around. That’s not so with Pact. With Pact, you log in each week, make a pact to improve your diet or go to the gym a certain number of times, and then, if you actually do it, you get money. The catch? If you fail, you have to pay up, and that money goes to others who met their goal.


WOD Deck of Cards

WOD stands for “workout of the day” in the CrossFit world, and if you find that you often get bored with your exercise routine, you’ll never be able to use that as an excuse for skipping the gym again with this app. The Deck of Cards app swaps through a variety of possible CrossFit routines to provide you with a totally customizable workout that’s different every single time.


Charity Miles

Pact proves that money is a great motivator, but if you want inspiration that’s a bit purer, try Charity Miles. Whether you prefer walking, running or cycling, you can raise money for various charities just by getting out and exercising. Each mile you run raises 25 cents, and each mile you bike raises 10 cents.



One of the biggest diet challenges you’ll face is going out to a restaurant for lunch or dinner. HealthyOut is your ally; this Android and Apple app lets you browse through a database of more than 500 cities, choosing the type of food you want and even searching by the amount of calories per dish. If the restaurant you plan to visit doesn’t post its nutritional information, this app makes it so you don’t have to spend time guessing anymore and derail your diet with a night out.



Can’t afford a personal trainer right now? No problem, as long as you’re using Endomondo. This app calls itself “a personal trainer in your pocket” because it tracks your progress with a variety of sports, reads your heart rate, lets you set fitness goals, provides a history of exercise for you to analyze, has a live map and GPS tracking if your friends want to join in on your jog, and features an audio coach who pushes you to succeed and celebrates when you do.


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Yoga Studio

Any place can be an ideal one to roll out your yoga mat when you have the Yoga Studio app. Using Apple devices, you can watch a series of instructional yoga videos in crystal clear HD for all different skill and flexibility levels. Combine the videos into your own yoga workout. You can even select yoga moves by certain parts of the body, which is great for those who want to ease chronic pain or work different muscles.



Business Insider and Lifehacker are both fans of Nudge, and you could be too once you try it. The app is described as “a healthy lifestyle hub bringing together the data from your favorite apps and gizmos in one place, with one score.” That score is a ranking of your health with a numerical rating of 1 through 110. Currently, Nudge aggregates data and information from Sleep as Android, UP by Jawbone, Fitbit, Strava, Runkeeper, Moves and MapMyFitness, with more to come.


Zombies, Run!

For video game fans who have a hard time putting the controller down and getting exercise, Zombies, Run! is the best of both worlds. As long as you have your phone and your running shoes, you simply start jogging (you can also run or walk), and the app will let you know what your mission is. Outrun zombies and grab supplies to stave them off. There are 200 missions for plenty of variety, and with more than a million players and the ability to sync to the Internet to brag about your progress, the game is very social.



Adventurous eaters need not apply, but those who can afford to spice up their diet a bit should definitely download Ingredient1. Find new foods based on flavors, textures, and even the time of day you eat. If you have certain food allergies, foods you truly dislike or dietary restrictions, you can let the app know and it will offer more specialized recommendations.



Android and Apple users have access to a wealth of medical information right at their fingertips with HealthTap. With nearly 75,000 doctors in its network, you can contact any of them as soon as your throat feels scratchy, that cough doesn’t go away, or you wake up sore for seemingly no reason. These real doctors will then share their knowledge and advice.



You can still stock up on healthy items without the cost of a personal shopper when using the ShopWell app. Each food at the store gets assigned a score (0 to 100) that lets you know how healthy it is. If you really like bread and don’t want to cut it out of your diet completely, the app recommends healthier alternatives such as whole-grain bread. If you plan on competing in a marathon, you’re going gluten-free or you want to become a vegan, the app will point out which foods you need for a well-rounded, nutritious diet.  


Allergy FT

Food allergies are no joke, and you definitely don’t want to have to guess at the ingredients in your dishes. The creators of Allergy FT personally live with food allergies and made the app so you never make a dining mistake that could be costly for your health. The app is multilingual and intended for use in other countries if you plan on traveling.


Relax Melodies

Ipnos Soft has a reliable way for you to fall asleep in at least 20 minutes: the Relax Melodies app. How? You choose the most soothing tunes and sounds and combine them, adjusting the volume so each sound is more or less prominent. These relaxing sounds, which can be anything you want, then lull you to sleep. If you have a favorite song that puts you in that sleepy mood, you can use it as the base for your mix.


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Pain Management Apps


A renowned pain diary, CatchMyPain lets you track any type of soreness and aches, whether these are temporary or chronic. If you permit it, you can send your anonymous pain diary information to real doctors and other professionals who are researching better ways to diagnose and treat chronic pain. Make sure to link up with the other app users via its community to talk about your shared experiences.



Dealing with your chronic pain on a regular basis can be distracting enough that you may sometimes forget to take your medications. Pillboxie ensures that you always remember your pain meds, even if your phone doesn’t have Internet and even if your phone is asleep. Assign each medication a virtual pill (with more than 100 options available) and then put them in your virtual pillbox.


Manage My Pain

Manage My Pain by ManagingLife is another favorite app for those with chronic pain. Use calendars, charts and graphs for a visual representation of your pain over days, weeks, months and longer. If you use both a tablet and a smartphone, you can easily sync the app’s info from one device to another. The pain tracker is less a diary and more of a shorthand way to digitally scribble down what hurts.



With FibroMapp, you can keep track of your pain day by day, manage your medications (and never miss a dosage again when you can set medication alarms), journal and create a sleep chart to see how your pain is affecting your rest. As you fill in all this information, the app can make a report that you can bring to your doctor.


My Pain Diary

Another popular choice in pain diary apps is My Pain Diary for Android, iPad and iPhone. One of the reasons it’s so beloved is because you can use a variety of color flags to keep track of all your medical conditions, where yellow is undiagnosed, purple is for anxiety, blue is for fibromyalgia and red is for headaches. Get detailed weather information like wind direction and speed, precipitation, humidity and barometric pressure, all of which can affect pain levels.


a variety of pills


Muscle Pain Relief Stretching System

Stretch Away Muscle Pain, LLC’s app Muscle Pain Relief Stretching System is for those whose doctors recommend moderate physical activity for pain. Learn new ways to stretch to abate aches in the legs, hips, lower back, wrists, elbows, shoulders and neck. Target specific body parts or stretch your whole body.


WebMD Pain Coach

WebMD has created its Pain Coach app for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, nerve pain, migraines, fibromyalgia, neck pain, back pain and more. Rate your pain between 1 and 10 daily, read chronic pain management tips and advice, and then log information in the included virtual diary. Next time you have a doctor’s appointment, you’ll be able to create a PDF of your pain data, which you can print and bring with you.


Chronic Pain Tracker

Simply named, Chronic Pain Tracker is more than just a pain diary. You can monitor practically all parts of your life, including:

  • Pain duration
  • Blood pressure
  • Pain triggers
  • Pain location
  • Mental health
  • Bowel movements
  • Pain onset speed
  • Activity levels
  • Treatment milestones


American Chronic Pain Association Music App

Dr. Francisco Vico of the University of Malaga was one of the researchers involved with this music app from the American Chronic Pain Association. Vico and music psychologists found that “interactive music therapy using the smartphone as an input gathering device to estimate the patient’s physiological state and deliver music…positively affects that state in real time.” This relaxing app can help get your mind off of your pain for better days and more restful nights.



As one of Healthline’s best healthy lifestyle apps for 2015, Symple has also received acclaim from Men’s Health, Entrepreneur, The Social and Fox & Friends. Record your lower back pain, anxiety, stiffness, heartburn, fatigue, sleepiness and more. Graphs can let you know how changes in diet, medication or fitness can impact your pain levels.


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