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Facebook feeds can be among the most unhealthy sources of information on the Internet. Game requests, political rants from your uncle and photos of vacations you didn’t take can wear you down mentally.

Take back your Facebook feed by loading it with helpful, healthful information. Below are 30 health and wellness pages that everyone should be reading. These pages cover a spectrum of health concerns, from diets to mental wellbeing.

If you see a page that is a good fit for you, give it a Like. After adding just five or 10 of these health and wellness experts to your feed, don’t be surprised if you start feeling better already.


General Wellness

These pages are excellent resources for all-around health and wellness advice. Sometimes, the information they share will be specific — eating well, developing fitness habits — and sometimes they will simply have well-timed bits of motivation.


Manifest Yourself

Kimberly Brown at Manifest Yourself focuses on the big picture and how each of us can become the versions of ourselves we most want to see realized. This one goes a little beyond health and wellness and reaches much higher up Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. But if you need a healthy holiday recipe, you’ll find one of those here, too.



SparkPeople puts most of its energy into helping people eat better and get fitter, but the overall message becomes one of a well-rounded idea of health. Look for plenty of inspiration to help you reach your dietary and fitness goals.


Health Digest

Health Digest is one of the most-Liked pages on Facebook, and for good reason: Its authors share several good posts every day, and they are also quick to respond to authentic comments and questions.


James Clear

In 2010, James Clear was a soon-to-be medical school student who instead followed his passions of entrepreneurship, weightlifting and travel photography. His Facebook page is among the best resources for learning how to build healthy habits and motivate yourself.


Martha Beck, Ph.D.

Life coach and author Martha Beck has built a large following through her column in O magazine. Previously, she had been a professor at both Harvard University (from which she has three degrees) and the American Graduate School of International Management.


Super Healthy Kids

Many parents understand the struggle of trying to remain healthy and raise healthy children at the same time. It’s something that requires a full-time commitment. The Super Healthy Kids page is such a boon to so many families because it offers easy-to-follow tips every day to keep kids on a path toward lifelong health.



Getting Fit

Fitness is a goal many people feel is always just slightly out of reach. Follow these six pages below for inspiration and immediately useful advice to bring your fitness goal within reach.


Nick Ortego Fitness

Fitness coach Nick Ortego specializes in teaching people how to lose weight and burn fat through running. Nick explores some of the other facets of fitness through yoga, his own past studies in kinesiology and biohacking. Lots of fascinating stuff to read here.


Annie Thorisdottir

Icelandic CrossFitter Annie Thorisdottir was named “Fittest Woman on Earth” in back-to-back years in 2011 and 2012, and she might represent the ultimate in motivation. Follow along for frequent videos of her workout routines to see what it takes to become one of the world’s fittest human beings.


Ask Coach Jenny

Jenny Hadfield is a running coach who has written two books, contributes regularly to Runner’s World and helps tens of thousands of readers daily through her Ask Coach Jenny page. Follow her for daily motivation and fitness tips.


Sohee Fit

Sohee Lee at Sohee Fit has a powerful story about how she overcame an eight-year-long eating disorder. With a degree from Stanford in human biology and further certifications in strength training and conditioning, Sohee has become the go-to fitness expert for many women around the country.


Bandana Training

Rob Sulaver at Bandana Training is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, a sports nutritionist and a member of the advisory board for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s personal website. His mix of motivation and humor is just the thing to get you ready for a great workout.


No Meat Athlete

Matt Frazier founded No Meat Athlete back in 2009 to show vegetarians and other non-meat-eaters that plants can absolutely power peak athletic performance. This is another cross-disciplinary site that could fit into a few of the categories here — look for regular posts on running, diet and motivation.



Diet and Nutrition

The nutrients you put into your body are perhaps the most important aspect of health and wellness. Follow these six pages below for plenty of information about how you can refine your diet.


100 Days of Real Food

Lisa Leake’s blog 100 Days of Real Food initially covered her family’s efforts at eating, well, real food on a budget for a 100-day stretch. That story found a wide audience, and today she continues to share the knowledge she’s gathered in her family’s journey toward healthy eating.


FullyRaw With Kristina

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram at FullyRaw shows her readers the benefits of eating raw foods, even if just for one meal per day. Although that might sound like a stretch for anyone who enjoys his or her meals hot, Kristina has plenty of tasty recipes that are worth trying out and incorporating into your diet.


I Quit Sugar

Australian Sarah Wilson shows readers at I Quit Sugar how they can do away with the sweetener for just eight weeks, which will then help introduce healthier dietary habits. Follow her Facebook page for tips on living sugar-free.


Brad Pilon

Brad Pilon is an author and advocate of intermittent fasting as a method of losing weight and getting in shape. Pilon’s tips leave a little room for indulgence — Pilon himself is a big fan of M&Ms. Follow his page for information on how to eat what you like responsibly.


Dr. Mike

Mike Rousell, Ph.D. breaks health, fitness and nutrition down into its most basic components, then shares those insights with his readers. Dr. Mike’s Facebook page features plenty of practical advice on eating well, and he often takes the time to answer reader questions.


Mark’s Daily Apple

Mark Sisson at Mark’s Daily Apple is a former triathlete and IronMan who helped bring paleo dieting to a mainstream audience. His page is full of helpful tips on maintaining a paleo diet and staying fit from a primal perspective, which looks like a lot of fun.




Yoga is another practice that many people find contributes to their overall wellness. People who do yoga often incorporate it into a lifestyle that includes meditation and healthy eating habits. The Facebook community of yogis is extensive, and you can easily find lots of expert advice, help and knowledge.


Yoga With Adriene

Adriene Mishler at Yoga With Adriene shares a new video every Wednesday to keep her followers in a consistent routine. It’s worth following along to build that same habit into your routine.



YogaGlo posts frequent HD video yoga classes as well as helpful tips. The classes are generally thematic — yoga for stress, yoga to boost your mood — so definitely scroll through the feed to find a program that suits you.


Yoga Today

Yoga-Today‘s studio celebrates 10 years online next year. Its videos are shot outside in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with beautiful mountains serving as the backdrop for lessons. Each video is an hour long, and you can expect a new one daily.



YogaDork offers insight and commentary into the world of yoga rather than daily videos. For anyone in the yoga community, this is a nice source of news, and readers are quite active with comments and input.



Liforme is a UK-headquartered company that sells yoga and Pilates gear, and the company’s Facebook page is a goldmine of insight and inspiration. The team is clearly a part of the yoga community. Beginners and advanced yogis can learn a lot here.


Yoga Anytime

Yoga-Anytime is a community with more than 500 instructional videos, talks, interviews and teacher trainings. This page serves as a great introduction to experts or styles of yoga with which you might not be familiar.

Mental Health


Mental Health

An often overlooked aspect of wellness is mental health, whether that is someone with a debilitating disorder or someone who just needs a better way to relieve stress in his or her life. The six pages below are fantastic resources for getting your mind in shape.


Mental Health America

Mental Health America is a non-profit organization that promotes education and awareness of mental health issues as well as finding ways to get people the help they need. The MHA Facebook feed features organizational news as well as general tips, insights and practical advice for working toward a healthier mind.


John Ratey, MD

Dr. John Ratey is a clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and one of the world’s foremost experts on how the brain works. Follow his page for frequent advice on how to building a longer attention span, deal with stress or improve memory.


Mental Health Foundation

Mental Health Foundation is a London-based non-profit organization that has worked since 1949 to realize a world in which people could live free of mental illness. On its page, the Foundation shares research, news and practical insights relating to mental health.


American Mental Health Counselors Association

The AMHCA is a professional organization that shares important news and research from the world of psychology and mental healthcare. You can learn a lot about your own mind just by following along.


The National Institute of Mental Health

The NIMH in Maryland is the largest organization on the planet dedicated to mental health research, and its team just recently opened the doors to Facebook Q&A sessions. Follow along for some of the most up-to-date knowledge anywhere about mental health issues.


The Unofficial Jon Kabat-Zinn Page

This is actually a community page for Dr. Jon-Kabat-Zinn, founding director of the Stress Reduction Clinic and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Dr. Kabat-Zinn doesn’t have a Facebook page of his own, but a community of 27,000-plus people have come together to share his work, which is rich with knowledge.


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