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There are plenty of times when eating healthy becomes more paramount, such as when you’re making New Year’s resolutions or when swimsuit season nears. For a real body transformation, you need to combine nutritious meals with regular exercise. Eating clean isn’t as difficult or as flavorless as you probably thought though. With these 20 delicious and healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks and dessert, you’ll want to make these meals again and again for the whole family.



Strawberries n’ Cream Oatmeal by Kath Eats Real Food

You might skip breakfast in the morning because there’s just not enough time. While that’s understandable, this recipe from food blogger, dietitian and mother Kath takes only five minutes to make. You just need shredded coconut, 2% milk, sliced almonds, vanilla extract, strawberries and your favorite oatmeal. Sit down to this creamy delight and start your day off right.


Banana Vanilla Protein Pancakes by Peanut Butter Fingers

Pancakes are a breakfast staple, but all the sugar and carbs they contain don’t do your waistline any favors. Pump up your plain old pancakes with some flavor and add some protein to them at the same time with this recipe from blog Peanut Butter Fingers, a blog maintained by a fitness instructor named Julie Fagan. Only use a half-scoop of protein powder. Vanilla offers minimal flavor, but chocolate is great for special occasions.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal by Clean Eating Chelsey

Here’s another take on oatmeal for all the chocoholics out there. Healthy blog Clean Eating Chelsey offers up this delightful recipe that tastes like candy, but thanks to flaxseed, peanut flour and unsweetened cocoa powder, is much better for you. Flavor this oatmeal with maple syrup or honey for an extra treat. You can also prepare this recipe for a very healthful dessert.


Sweet Potato Waffles by A Foodie Stays Fit

Put waffle maker that’s been gathering dust in your kitchen cabinet to use with this recipe from A Foodie Stays Fit, a delicious blog run by CrossFitter and healthy eater Teri. These only take 10 minutes to prepare, so you can start off a lazy weekend right or even make these for a midweek pick-me-up. Ginger, cloves, cinnamon, allspice, and orange rind provide pumpkin-like flavor to these waffles. A dash of cinnamon, honey, and coconut butter all make for interesting toppings, as does traditional maple syrup.


Light and Gooey Cinnamon Rolls by The Picky Eater

Cinnamon rolls may feel like the ultimate indulgence. If you’re on a diet, you may have cut these sugary delights out a long time ago. As board-certified health coach and blogger Anjali of The Picky Eater proves though, you don’t have to. Just make this version instead, which calls for nonfat milk and seasonings such as nutmeg, cinnamon and orange zest for flavoring instead of excessive amounts of sugar. Just don’t be surprised if the whole family asks for seconds.

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Marinated Kale Salad by Deliciously Ella

Since you started eating better, you’ve probably consumed many salads. However, getting your greens doesn’t have to be so boring, as Deliciously Ella proves. This recipe for marinated kale salad has a rainbow of colors and flavors with ingredients such as pomegranate, kale, pumpkin seeds, avocado, lime, tamari and tahini.


Potato Scallion and Kale Cakes by Smitten Kitchen

Kale is having its time in the spotlight because of its super healthful qualities. It’s full of vitamins, filling fiber and protein. Use it in these little cakes, which are also flavored with scallions. Smitten Kitchen adds ground pepper, kosher salt and nutmeg. Add some crunch with Panko or regular breadcrumbs.


Jerk Shrimp with Crispy Plantain Noodles by Eating Bird Food

Despite the name of personal trainer Brittany’s blog, Eating Bird Food, you will feel completely satisfied when you make this recipe for jerk shrimp with crispy plantain noodles. Use a cheese grater to get your plantains down to slivers. Cook your jerk shrimp in coconut oil to keep them healthy, and use coconut milk for extra flavoring. Avocados, red bell peppers, garlic and yellow onions add some taste and texture.


Slightly Spicy Chicken Fajitas by Eating Bender

You’ll make everyone at work jealous when you bring these mildly spicy chicken fajitas in for lunch. Jen in Arizona runs the healthy recipe blog Eating Bender, which provides this fun dish. Stick to your diet with ingredients such as Greek yogurt, low-fat Mexican cheese, whole-wheat tortillas and plenty of vegetables like black beans, spinach and red pepper. Clocking in at just under 500 calories, this is a tasty lunch that you can feel good about.


Herbed Bread Pizza by Say Yes to Salad

Pizza isn’t normally associated with healthy eating. Well, you can actually have your cake—err, pizza—and eat it too thanks to this herbed bread pizza recipe from the vegetarian blog Say Yes to Salad. Herbed bread is an indulgence, but heirloom tomatoes and spaghetti sauce keep this lunch or dinner light. Broil the pizza instead of cooking it. Even the kids will love this one.



Sunbutter Energy Bites by Daily Garnish

Forget the chips and the candy. Instead, fuel your body up during snack time with these sunbutter energy bites courtesy of Emily Malone, the chef behind food blog Daily Garnish. These combine dates, rolled oats, sunbutter, coconut oil, pumpkin seeds, shredded coconut, hemp seeds and oats. By blending some of the ingredients in a food processor and combining others, you get these tiny balls, which you can also shape into bars if you prefer.


No-Bake Gluten-Free Double Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies by Carrots ‘N’ Cake

You can still enjoy sweets such as cookies with this fresher alternative that Tina at Carrots ‘N’ Cake has created. They require zero time in the oven, they’re nut-free for anyone with allergies, and they’re gluten-free to boot. Sea salt, honey, butter and unsweetened cocoa powder add flavor while rice milk, gluten-free oats and vanilla cake batter coconut butter keep these healthy. Be sure to add chocolate chips to the mix.


Coconut Oil Chocolate Bark by Oh She Glows

Candy lovers, rejoice. Oh She Glows, the lifestyle blog chock full of recipes, has a healthy way to eat chocolate in the form of coconut oil chocolate bark. Requiring only about 15 minutes of time to prepare the ingredients and then 15 minutes spent in the freezer, this is a fast and easy way to satisfy your sweet tooth anytime. You only need cacao powder, hazelnuts, dried coconut flakes, almond butter, maple syrup, almonds, coconut oil and sea salt for flavor.


Zucchini Pizza Bites by Skinny Taste

Kids and adults alike will go gaga for this new twist on pizza, which uses zucchini as the base instead of carb-heavy pizza dough. Skinny Taste, a blog run by Gina Homolka, also boasts a healthy cookbook by the same name. For this simple snack, you only need to cut zucchini pieces to about one-fourth of an inch. Apply some marinara sauce, a few pieces of skim mozzarella cheese, and pepper and salt for more taste. This recipe is also great for lunch in a pinch.


Inside out Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups by Chocolate Covered Katie

Sometimes, you just really need dessert. In that case, the sweets blog Chocolate Covered Katie is here to show you how to eat candy without ruining your diet. These inside out chocolate peanut butter cups feature a peanut butter candy base and are filled with chocolate inside. Make sure to use virgin cacao butter and virgin coconut oil to keep this snack as nutritionally sound as possible.




Vietnamese Spring Rolls by Peas and Thank You

Put down that takeout menu and whip up some authentic cuisine tonight by following this recipe from healthy cooking blog Peas and Thank You. To make these Vietnamese spring rolls, grab some rice paper, mint leaves, white carrots or daikon, a cucumber, a regular carrot, an Asian pear, lettuce, and firm tofu. You can probably find these foods at your grocery store or a farmer’s market.


Crunchy Tortilla Shrimp by Live Laugh Eat

Seafood fans won’t want to miss this inventive crunchy tortilla shrimp dinner from Live Laugh Eat, a blog run by personal trainer Allie. First, mix an egg and then dip each clean shrimp in the batter. Next, coat the shrimp in broken pieces of tortilla chips. Toss the seafood on the frying pan, and you’ve got a great side dish or main meal that’s creative and tasty at the same time.


Simple Swiss Chard Pasta by Love & Lemons

Recipe resource Love & Lemons has got you covered if you’re not quite ready to give up pasta. Swiss chard leaves and stems will fill you right up. If you can, buy organic chard. Opting to use brown rice pasta is less of a caloric burden than the regular variety. Also mix in white beans, pine nuts and pecorino cheese. This dish is ready in about 20 minutes.


Salmon Baked in Parchment with Orange, Zucchini, and Summer Squash by Can You Stay for Dinner?

Eating seafood at a restaurant is a delight, but it’s an expensive one. If you’re nervous about cooking salmon because you can’t really determine its level of doneness, it’s time to put your fears to rest. Nutrition and weight loss blog Can You Stay For Dinner? says wrap the fish in parchment paper for even cooking in about 20 minutes. Besides the salmon, fill each parchment packet with garlic cloves, zucchini slices, olive oil, summer squash slices, black pepper and parsley.


Beetroot Burgers by Green Kitchen Stories

Amaze the whole family with inventive burgers that are meat-free. The vegetarian blog Green Kitchen Stories uses beetroot instead, which gives the patties a distinct bright pink hue. Combine the beetroots with millet for firm patties. Throw in more veggies with small pieces of onion, carrots and zucchini. Your kids might start requesting these over regular burgers.


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