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It’s no secret that the inflammation that stems from arthritis can be painful. Sure, there are medications that help with the pain, but there are also dietary means for managing the inflammation itself.

There is a vast menu of foods that serve as anti-inflammatories and are high in antioxidants that can help you feel better. Take a look at some of the recipes below that to give you some ideas for meals to help relieve your arthritis pain.



James Schend shares not one, but 21 different recipes to help people with rheumatoid arthritis control their inflammation. The one-week meal plan includes recipes for foods such as cherry coconut porridge, which contains the antioxidant anthocyanin, chili pumpkin soup and curried potatoes with poached eggs.


Home Remedies for Life

This health blog offers up numerous recipes to combat inflammation — all of which use ginger as the main ingredient. That spice contains multiple anti-inflammatory nutrients called gingerols. Some of the ginger-based recipes include fresh ginger juice and raw honey, homemade ginger-infused oil, and ginger and cinnamon tea.



Lifescript’s Lori Newman has nine recipes loaded with antioxidants to help RA patients manage their inflammation. Each of the recipes actually come from chefs, too which include Cat Cora (white bean and chicken chili blanca), Gordon Ramsay (sweet potato frittata with tomato salsa), Giada De Laurentiis (roasted chicken with balsamic vinaigrette) and Ina Garten (lentil vegetable soup).


Heal With Food has a list of salad recipes with anti-inflammatory nutrients that are ideal for people suffering from arthritis. You can mix and match recipes such as

  • broccoli salad with apples and cranberries,
  • anti-inflammatory salmon salad,
  • romaine and smoked salmon salad,
  • and ginger and cucumber salad.


Health Smoothie Headquarters

Beverages are another way for arthritis patients to fight off inflammation, smoothies in particular. The Health Smoothie Headquarters blog suggests using inflammation-combative ingredients such as turmeric, ginger, berries, chia seeds, kiwi, pineapple, greens (kale and spinach) and tea (as a liquid base) for your next smoothie.



Nutribullet Recipes

The NutribulletSuperfood extractor can be used to create drinks that contain numerous combinations of fruits and vegetables, both of which have vitamins and nutrients that can fight inflammation and relieve pain. You can use the Nutribullet to make beverages such as

  • mixed green juice,
  • citrus kale fruit juice,
  • spinach raspberry banana smoothie,
  • and avocado strawberry orange juice.


Juicing for Health

Drinking green vegetable-based juices can help remove toxins from your body and help keep inflammation in check. The Juicing for Health blog recommends a steady diet of drinks with cabbage and celery to decrease arthritic pains and combine them with leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach. Papaya, cucumber, pineapples and ginger root can also contribute to reducing inflammation.


The Hearty Soul

At The Hearty Soul, Caroline Cosgrove serves up five smoothie and juice recipes to help reduce inflammation caused by RA. Her Holy Basil Water is full of watermelons, which contain the anti-inflammatory beta carotene. The Turmeric Sunrise also has beta carotene along with other anti-inflammatories such as pears, ginger root and turmeric. If you are new to juicing, Cosgrove’s Beginner’s Green drink is easy to make; it’s a combo of apples, ginger, celery, lemon, oranges and spinach.


One Green Planet

Heather McClees at One Green Planet has seven power foods that can help reduce inflammation and ease arthritis pain. Leafy green vegetables top the list; they can be used to make a roasted veggies with buttery garlic and spinach salad. Omega 3’s, avocados, cherries (perfect for smoothies), broccoli (a great salad base), almonds and green tea round out the list.


MedPro Rx

MedPro has put together a day’s worth of anti-inflammatory meals for people who suffer from RA. For breakfast, check out the berry-quinoa porridge. The blueberries and cherries contain the inflammation combative antioxidant anthocyanin. The quinoa serves as a replacement for oatmeal.

For lunch, MedPro’s chicken, pecan and strawberry salad is not only filling, but also the strawberries and greens can help reduce inflammation. The pan-seared salmon with baby arugula dinner recipe will supply you with omega-3 fatty acids and a variety of antioxidants.



Everyday Roots

There are a number of natural recipes out there you can use to help with your arthritis and inflammation, and Everyday Roots offers a bunch of them. For example, turmeric and ginger tea is an anti-inflammatory that can be used for RA and osteoarthritis. The active ingredient in this drink is a strong antioxidant called curcumin.


Arthritis Research Institute of America

One of the benefits of turning to foods to help with inflammation is foods typically have no major side effects, as the Arthritis Research Institute of America points out. The organization recommends 10 “superfoods” that can fight osteoarthritis including bananas and plantains (high in magnesium and potassium), blueberries (antioxidants), salmon (omega-3s), green tea (anti-inflammatory properties) and peanut butter.

Andrew Weil, MD shares his Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid, a self-described practical eating guide that’s meant to reduce risks that come from age-related diseases and at same time improve a person’s overall health through diet. At the base are fruits and vegetables, with healthy fats and fish and other seafood serving as some of the more highly recommended foods in the pyramid.



Nazli Senyuva at EmpowHER has a handful of delicious foods that can reduce arthritis. She recommends cold-water fish such as herring, halibut, salmon and tuna because of their omega-3 essential fatty acids that can suppress inflammation.

Extra virgin olive oil also has fats that can lower inflammation, she writes. It’s full of antioxidants called polyphenols that can assist in lowering inflammation caused by arthritis. Senyuva also lists broccoli, whole grains and walnuts as great sources for fighting arthritis inflammation.


Arthritis Kitchen Blog

Blog author Sandra was diagnosed with RA when she was eight years old and created the Arthritis Kitchen as way to help readers with arthritis find delicious recipes loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Her recipes, such as her risotto with asparagus and lemon, are a perfect fit for anyone who has an autoimmune condition or is just looking for healthy meal options.


Natural News

There are plenty of ingredients that can be put into meals to help reduce inflammation, and the same goes for spices and seasonings. Phyllis Bentley at Natural News has seven spices that can not only reduce arthritis inflammation, but also help detox the body. These include ginger and turmeric, the latter of which contains curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory properties and blocks numerous molecules that create inflammation, according to researchers.


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