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Dr. Vora: Less Pain, Faster Recovery With Minimally Invasive Foot and Ankle Surgery

Minimally invasive foot and ankle surgery reduces pain and recovery time, says board-certified orthopaedic surgeon Anand Vora, and his patient agrees.

Featured in an Advocate Health Care publication called House Calls, Jana Brucker, then 58, required extensive ankle and foot surgery due to a number of conditions, including failing ligaments and tendons, ankle joints that rolled outward, and arthritis in her feet.

Instead of performing the usual surgery, which would require an incision running the length of the foot and with a lengthy recovery time in addition to the two- or three-day hospital stay, Dr. Vora treated Jana as an outpatient using a minimally invasive procedure.

The arthroscopic surgical techniques employed by Dr. Vora required a 4- to 6-inch ankle incision and four small puncture holes. Recovery was uneventful, helped by the fact that Jana did everything she was told, such as wearing her cast and walking boot. Three months after the procedure, Jana was driving, and at around five months, she was able to walk barefoot on hard surfaces.

Dr. Vora realized both goals he’d set for this surgery, saying: “The goal of ankle joint surgery is to preserve motion — and in Jana’s case, keep arthritis from worsening.” By using minimally invasive techniques, he was also able to help reduce patient pain and speed up the overall recovery time.


image by Yiping Lim / Flickr


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