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Improving Balance in Sports

When we take care of patients that are involved in athletics, regardless of recreational or competitive, one thing that requires a lot of work and focus is learning how the foot, ankle, and overall body is able to stabilize itself in space. We call that appropriate reception. This involves coordinating the muscle and nervous system so that the muscles can react appropriately. Optimizing these core areas allow the nerves to fire quickly and stabilize the foot, ankle, or lower extremity based upon instability or uneven surfaces.

The Multi-Pronged Approach

The way we do that is through a multiple-pronged balance treatment approach. Some of that involves physical therapy and strengthening some of the muscle stabilizers on the outside of the ankle. Sometimes it involves bracing the ankle if the joint was weak or the ligaments are lax. We can also employ some other modalities that can help this further, such as yoga and other recreational activities to teach the body how to position itself in space properly.

Assistance from an Orthopedic Doctor

In some patients that have continued instability or balance problems in sports, and the ankle feels like it’s rolling or giving way, we have a unique method of repairing the ligaments on the outside of the ankle. This can really expedite recovery in a quicker fashion by augmenting the repair using a special surgical technique. This allows for restoration of stability in the ligaments of the ankle and allows for accelerated rehabilitation so we can get patients back to playing sports quicker.

Get More Advice from an Orthopedic Specialist

Excelling in your sport is both a physical and mental requirement. Without one or the other, success on the field or area of play can become quite difficult. To learn more and improve upon your physical technique and abilities of the body, contact Dr. Vora at an orthopedic center in the Chicagoland area to improve your performance today!

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