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We get it.

Its tough to squeeze in gym time when you have work, kids to take care of, a significant other, a house to clean, food to cook, and maybe some personal time if you’re lucky.

If you feel as if your weight loss plans are always derailed because of time constraints or lost motivation, consider working with a personal trainer. This is someone who will listen to your fitness goals and then help you reach them by inspiring you to physically challenge yourself, to push a little bit harder and to be the very best you can be.

Here are 28 personal trainers in New England who can help you realize your fitness goals.



Horizon Personal Training Centers in Cheshire

Horizon Personal Training Centers staff members feel so confident you’ll become a regular customer that they offer their training for free for a limited period. Clients of all ages are welcome. To eradicate any excuses, you can also have the trainers come out to your home at no extra cost.


CT Workout in Newington

With weight management programs, in-home personal training, semi-private training and group training, CT Workout offers numerous ways to get fit. Take advantage of a 14-day free trial, where you still have access to all the above services while you take your time deciding whether you want to continue working with these talented trainers. CT Workout is known for its 49-day challenge, which helps members shed extra pounds, get a faster metabolism, and burn calories.


Cutting Edge Personal Training in Brookfield

James Cipriani, who runs Cutting Edge Personal Training, has been in the business for 20 years — that adds up to more than 30,000 hours of training sessions. You can sign up for a free trial with a 60-minute workout and a consultation. If you do buy a membership, you will receive a diet analysis from Cipriani himself, a lesson in good form to prevent injuries, accountability on a weekly basis to keep you going, and progress reports. Group training is also available.


Advantage Personal Training in Niantic and Mystic

Advantage Personal Training has nearly 20 personal trainers ready to work with you. Bring a few people for small group training, a larger bunch for team training, or receive one-on-one attention with just you and your trainer. Both Advantage Personal Training locations offer classes six to seven days a week.


Results Plus Personal Training & Nutrition Center in Hamden

Results Plus offers in group training, one-on-one training and private training. A membership at Results Plus also earns you access to the FitLife Nutrition program, which the American Association of Fitness & Nutrition approves. A FitLife coach looks into your lifestyle, occupation, medical history, how much you exercise and what you eat to make you a plan that will lower cholesterol, reduce the chances of getting diabetes and help you lose weight.

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Black Cove Fitness in Portland

Portland’s own Black Cove Fitness was once known as Mobile Fitness Training. Exercise alone or in a group, or join a class. The five personal trainers at Black Cove Fitness have degrees and certifications plus years of experience.


Dynamics Fitness & Performance in Portland and Scarborough

Dynamics Fitness & Performance can accommodate various large groups, including sports teams and corporate groups. The trainers here want you to be excited about your exercise program and will teach you how to reduce the chances of hurting yourself and improve your performance while dropping weight. Both the Portland and the Scarborough locations offer classes seven days a week throughout the day that are 45 minutes each.


New England Fitness in Topsham

Formerly known as New England Medical Fitness, New England Fitness still offers the same nutrition counseling, occupational therapy, colon hydrotherapy, massage therapy, exercise rehab, chiropractic treatment, group classes, weight loss programs and personal training.


Quest Fitness in Kennebunk

Quest Fitness has two ways to join: Online or in person. When you join online, you have to pay an extra enrollment fee. All members can choose from a cheaper off-peak membership or a monthly membership, which you can stop using anytime. You can then participate in regular classes such as yoga, group cycling, swimming, Tai Chi or Studio One.


The Body Architect in Portland

The Body Architect has a 30-day free trial membership with a trainer who can show you what your body can do with more time and hard work. You won’t want to miss out on membership perks such as holistic lifestyle coaching, massages at the Soonu spa, yoga classes and team training. Go downstairs and hop on an indoor cycle, lift weights or venture up to the roof deck to give the morning sunlight a salutation.

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Sheehan Personal Training in Mansfield

LeAnna and Tom Sheehan of Sheehan Personal Training have worked in fitness for nearly 10 years each. Both are personal trainers, but LeAnna also leads group exercises. Their fitness center offers a class called Barremax, a type of exercise that combines physical elements of dance, ballet, yoga and Pilates into one hour of full-body effectiveness.


Personal Trainers of Melrose in Melrose

With a promise that you’ll lose between two and four pounds weekly, Personal Trainers of Melrose is a good option for those who need to see results fast. The trainers are available all seven days a week, from 5 a.m. until midnight, and you can text your personal trainer anytime with questions or comments about your exercise regimen. Gain complimentary access to the gym on days when you’re not training and receive a body composition analysis, meal plan modifications and nutrition evaluations. Your trainer will even go grocery shopping with you so you buy healthy food.


Impact Fast in Sudbury

Priding itself on customer service, Impact Fast offers a free consultation and a download for a free e-book written by a fitness coach. Yoga classes are perfect for relaxing while spin classes will have you feeling the burn; other classes are available to work different body parts. Impact Fast is so sure that you’re going to love your body once you join that if you don’t, you can get your membership money back.


RayFit Personal Training in Belmont

RayFit Personal Training owner Ray Peleckas still works with many of his clients to help them reach their exercise and body goals. The RayFit Belmont facility is spacious and insists on being open to people of all fitness levels. You can join a group class or receive one-on-one training here too.


Boutique Fitness in New Bedford

Many personal training facilities recognize that a great body is as much about the hard work you put in during a workout as it is about what you eat. At Boutique Fitness, you can browse through delicious, filling and healthy recipes on the website that are easily recreated at home.

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New Hampshire

Natural Physique in Nashua

Diane LaCourse is a certified personal trainer who leads the team at Natural Physique. When you join, you’ll receive a body fat analysis, which tracks your lean body mass percentage and your weight. Drop those numbers by joining the TRX All Body Xpress Program, the Body Ball Workout, senior training, core training, specific training for sports and weight training. You can even get help with your nutrition or shop online for products endorsed by LaCourse.


Hampshire Hills Athletic Club in Milford

Residents in Milford who want to lose weight and get in better shape have the Hampshire Hills Athletic Club. Jog on the indoor track, lift weights at the fitness center, take Pilates or yoga classes, bring your friends for group classes, test your mettle with a climbing wall, play some basketball, take in the sights of nature with an outdoor walking trail, get sporty with fields and a tennis court or swim indoors or outdoors. If you need more focused attention, personal trainers are on hand at the fitness center. You can also join the MBSC Thrive at the Hampshire Dome with Mike Boyle or try the 90-day Commit to Get Fit program.


Elite Personal Training & Fitness in Bedford

If you’re sampling gyms and fitness centers around Bedford, Elite Personal Training & Fitness has pre-memberships so you can preview all of what its facility has to offer; you can also ask for a guest pass. You can choose from one of five dedicated trainers to create a fitness plan that works for your life so you will be much more likely to stick to it.


Training Effects in Londonderry

Training Effects co-owners and personal trainers Michael Stoddart and Billy Eacrett lead a team of trainers who can help you with smaller weight loss goals (20 pounds or less) or weight loss milestones (100 pounds or more). If you can’t get to the gym, ask your trainer about a customer gym design at your home so you can always work out. You can also receive nutritional counseling.


Get Fit New Hampshire in Epsom and Concord

At Get Fit New Hampshire, you can choose when you want to train, get a nutritional plan and guide for healthier eating, and save money with a yearly membership. To incentivize others to join, this fitness center gladly lets you try a free success session, where you can explain your medical and exercise history and then receive a Functional Movement Screen assessment. You and your group can also get body composition testing and nutritional coaching once you sign up.

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Rhode Island

Fitness Together Throughout the State

Fitness Together has locations all across Rhode Island. Since 1996, its personal trainers have helped Rhode Island residents reach their goal weight, get more toned and muscular, and feel more confident in themselves. You will have to train one-on-one, but with a membership you receive access to the Aspire 8 fitness program, coaching, workout organization before you start for ultimate efficiency, customized exercise planning and results measurement and reports sent to you every few weeks.


Method Fit in Providence

Method Fit owner Amahl Harik has worked in the field of personal training for more than 20 years. Those who suffer from chronic pain can learn specialized exercise techniques for a better quality of life.


Perfectly Fit Personal Training in East Greenwich

With postural enhancement, flexibility training, cardiovascular training and resistance training, owner Dan Lucas and the rest of the trainers at Perfectly Fit keep their clients busy. Your trainer will work with you to come up with a workout plan.


Fitness Equation in Cumberland

Jason Price, president of Fitness Equation, is responsible for Athletes Equation Training Center and has worked at Ullucci Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy as the Director of Strength & Conditioning. During your boot camp session, you’ll roll tires, move sandbags and use medicine balls for fitness, flexibility and strength training.



Marketplace Fitness in Burlington

If you’re trying to save money, the classes at Marketplace Fitness don’t charge any extra registration fees; you only need to be a member. Some classes on the weekly schedule include spinning, Vinyasa yoga, step, barre and Zumba. The same fitness gurus who teach these classes, Bill McGrath and Alli Fitzgerald, also work at Marketplace Fitness as personal trainers. McGrath has an American Council on Exercise or ACE certification, and Fitzgerald has a training background dating back over 15 years.


Vermont Sports & Fitness Club in Rutland

Vermont Sports & Fitness Club has four hard-working personal trainers plus plenty of activities, machines and equipment for you to use. Sign up for a CrossFit class or try gentle Pilates for beginners, regular Pilates, integrative yoga, flow yoga, Zumba, strength and conditioning, group classes, cardio training and interval training.


Body Resolution in South Burlington

James Henley opened Body Resolution in 2006 after studying biochemistry. He works as a trainer and employs others who can guide you through your weight loss journey. Try a 30-minute or 60-minute class such as BODYATTACK, TRX suspension training, BodyCombat or Core 60.


The EDGE in Essex, South Burlington and Williston

Kids, teenagers, adults and seniors are all encouraged to incorporate exercise into their lives at The EDGE. This fitness facility also staffs more personal trainers than any other gym in Vermont. Buy one session or multiple depending on your needs and then choose from more than 15 services and exercises to fill your session with the trainer or other staff.  


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