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You may call the sandy shores, beautiful beaches and sprawling mountainsides of California home, but that doesn’t mean you get to spend much time out in nature as you might like.

With your busy schedule, you tend to only see the state’s natural landmarks from your car while stuck in traffic. Perhaps you’re so exhausted by the time you get home that you just eat whatever’s available and then crash.

This is the time of year to review your own health and fitness and set goals for improvement. It’s OK if you can’t do it alone. Why not work with any of these 24 personal trainers in the Bay Area?


John Heringer at Fast Action Training

As the chief motivator and founder of Fast Action Training, John Heringer is responsible for transforming the lives and bodies of plenty of California residents. He works alongside Keith Lucitt, the TRX instructor, bootcamp instructor and lead trainer; and Kevin Rawson, a personal trainer and general manager. If you need some diet help, make sure you enroll in their nutrition program for better eating habits you can stick to.


Christian Aguirre at Aguirre Fitness

If you need to drop between 10 and 20 pounds of stubborn body fat quickly, then sign up with Aguirre Fitness, which has a money-back guarantee if you don’t meet that goal. Christian Aguirre founded the facility. He has more than 10 years of experience in corporate fitness gyms helping whole workplaces get healthier. Jennifer Aguirre is the co-owner and specializes in sports nutrition, Nick Smith is a certified personal trainer, and Erika Zunon can help you strengthen your core.


Mike Clausen and Billy Polson at DIAKADI Fitness

Mike Clausen and Billy Polson created DIAKADI Fitness in 2004. “The key distinction of the facility is definitely its personal training,” they write. “DIAKADI has been recognized to have the best personal trainers in the city based on their custom-design, detailed assessments and individualized programs for all types and levels of clients.” Just check out the long list of accolades spanning 2005 onward as proof.


John Nguyen at bodyFi Personal Training

Don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to fitness? No problem, at least at bodyFi Personal Training, where sessions are only 30 minutes. No matter your athleticism, you can find a personal trainer who will sit down with you and help you draw up your own individualized plan that will challenge you but not push you unhealthily past your bodily limits. Founder and master trainer John Nguyen has more than a decade of experience plus several nationally recognized certifications.


Sergio Ruiz at Body Matrix Personal Training

With a kettlebell certification that’s been recognized six times over, Body Matrix founder Sergio Ruiz is one of the best kettlebell teachers out there, not just in the Bay Area. He also teaches combat sports conditioning (specifically performance enhancement and corrective exercises), bootcamps and powerlifting. You can sign up for sessions that are 30 or 60 minutes long.

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Kevin Allen at Namaste Fit Club

Kevin Allen opened Namaste Fit Club in 1998 and has served as one of its main trainers ever since. He calls his style “gentle but firm, relaxing yet intense.” Allen is flanked by trainers Ben Ivy, Tony Nella, Gabby Ortanez, Tony Jackson, Angelica Olivares and Jackie Zupancic. Even if you’ve never exercised in your life but want to get started, Allen and company warmly welcome you.


Amy Lang at Pacific Heights Health Club

When the Pacific Heights Health Club opened in 1984, no women were allowed. The Pacific Heights Health Club for Women, an adjoining facility, was later added, and when Amy Lang took over ownership duties in 2004, the entire building was made open to everybody.

The trainers here emphasize focusing on flow, “one of the highest states of positive emotion. It occurs when your skills are used to their utmost — matched against a challenge just barely within your grasp. Athletes call it being ‘in the zone.’ Most of us know it as those experiences when time stands still and there’s nowhere else you want to be.”


Rachel Marcus Personal Training

Rachel Marcus isn’t exactly your standard personal trainer. If you can’t get shredded, or that’s not your goal, she supports that. If you’re bigger but still healthy, she supports that. In fact, she supports any body through her Health at Every Size affiliation, which means that instead of just trying to get slimmer, she wants you to look and feel better, whatever that means for you.


The Team at Evolution Trainers

There’s a whole huge team of personal trainers working at Evolution Trainers, enough that they have to be listed alphabetically on the facility’s website. Each specializes in some aspect of health, nutrition, exercise and wellness areas, so no matter how often you work out, you can be linked with someone who understands your skill level. Services offered include physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, massage therapy, senior fitness classes, group training classes and one-on-one personal training.


Brien Shamp

As a Level II Dynamic Variable Resistance Trainer, a Spartan Group X coach, a certified conditioning and strength training coach, an advanced metabolic typing advisor, a Level II Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology Nutrition Lifestyle Coach, a massage therapist and a certified personal trainer, it’s no wonder that Brien Shamp has so many happy, healthy clients in the Bay Area and beyond. Although his roster of clients has included thousands of people, he’s never too busy to take on one more.


The Team at Be Fit Personal Training

The dedicated team at Be Fit Personal Training is small but passionate about their work. Magen Petit specializes in nutrition, competition preparation, postural assessments, core stabilization, cardio respiratory training, fat loss and resistance training. Siriji Lamenzo can also help you improve your power and strength. Dino Giannakis assists his clients in bettering their balance, their flexibility and their endurance. Jerry Wescott has been in the fitness game for more than 20 years and focuses on nutrition, rehabilitation and weight loss.

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The Team at The Fit Potato

When you think of the word potato outside of the realm of food, the term “couch potato” likely comes to mind. The Fit Potato is here to help you redefine the word. Get involved in a class, sign up for a running program, exercise with others in a small group training course or receive personalized attention by working with a personal trainer. All along, the gym’s mascot, a humanized potato, will be cheering you on.


Paul O’Lone at Accessible Fitness

Accessible Fitness is stocked with all your favorite gym equipment for your best workout yet. Founder and owner Paul O’Lone used to be involved in bodybuilding in the 1990s before he found out he had multiple sclerosis. He learned that exercise was able to soothe some of his symptoms, which is why he decided to open a gym where he could help others harness the restorative power of exercise.


Jasmine Nichols at Perfect Fit Personal Training

Prepare to be amazed when you step foot in the gym at Perfect Fit Personal Training. Jasmine Nichols recently redesigned the whole building from the ground up, leading to a “brand new, world-class studio” with “exceptional equipment and a motivational atmosphere; the perfect place to help you sculpt your body into the image you have always wanted.”


The Team at DefineIt

Trainers Suzette Silberman, Stella Lorvan, Teresa Visini, Sandi Wong, Sofia De La Vega, Denise Dickinson, Patty McLucas and Shari Gower make up the team at DefineIt. The women offer wellness coaching for more energy, more positivity, better stamina and a more ideal weight. You can also participate in a nutrition and fitness program like yoga classes, Stretch n Flex to improve your mobility, group classes and a nutrition management program where you redefine your diet.


The Team at Crossroads Fitness

There’s plenty of room for you to work out at the 3,500-square foot Crossroads Fitness facility. “Our mission at Crossroads Fitness is to bring you a level of integrative fitness that not only supersedes, but also sets the bar on fitness!” the trainers write. The team consists of Conrad Sherby, Adriana G. Mireles, Sabrina Hermansen, Traci Dos Santos, Charlene Hart, Jamie McKevitt and more.


Brett Riesenhuber at Achievement Fitness Transformation Center

Brett Riesenhuber runs the Achievement Fitness Transformation Center, which used to be called Prime Physique Fitness and Adventure Boot Camp for Women. Don’t be mistaken though, as Riesenhuber has helped both men and women meet their weight loss goals. You can opt to take a group class or hire a trainer who utilizes proven scientific fitness measures through more resistance training, cardiovascular exercise and a better diet to help you shed those pounds faster.


Dean Lumia

Dean Lumia is the Bay Area Trainer; he’s certified as a corrective exercise specialist and a personal trainer. He opened his gym’s doors in 2011 and works alongside a team of other trainers. Make sure to ask about the Six-Week Transformation program, where in six weeks you can shed up to 20 pounds. With three weekly sessions with your personal trainer and a meal plan to follow, you can reach your goals simply and effectively.



Tuff Girl

Men, don’t be deterred: Tuff Girl is for anyone. “Tuff Girl is a full-body workout program that combines calisthenics, flexibility, strength training, circuits, and jogging drills to form a stronger, tighter, fitter you!” the trainers explain. When you join, you can get blood pressure readings anytime for free, join and post on a locked Facebook page, save money on classes and workshops, gain access to free member-only events, sign up for special challenges, participate in a 60-minute nutrition class for free, ask for measurements whenever you want and gain access to an unlimited number of classes.


Daniella Dayoub at DFitLife

Daniella Dayoub’s DFitLife blends better eating with more exercise for a fitter you. She understands that everyone has different fitness needs and the diet and exercise choices that work for one client won’t necessarily work for another. Up your nutrition game with one-session, three-session or six-session courses (the latter offers you up to five meetings with Dayoub), food challenges, tips for dining at restaurants, recipes, shopping lists, a diet action plan, a list of supplements to implement into your diet and food journal reviews. You can also exercise with Dayoub for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes or recurring sessions.


Yana Ibrahim and Rich Thurman at Xodus

Yana Ibrahim and Rich Thurman are the two fitness gurus who lead Xodus. Ibrahim hails from Singapore and is a yoga lover; she particularly focuses on prenatal and postnatal yoga. Thurman has trained clients for more than 15 years, particularly in classes like TRX, kettlebells, and strength and conditioning. The trainers bring their sense of excitement to every workout, changing things up sometimes so that exercise remains fresh and thrilling.


Katy Jercich at Studiomix

There’s tons to do at Studiomix. No matter your favorite way to work out, you can probably find a class here, like Zumba, yoga, TRX, studio cycling, strength training, rock walls, Pilates, martial arts, kettlebells, dance, cross-training, bootcamps, boxing, barre and more. Katy Jercich — a certified holistic nutritionist and glass blower — is Studiomix’s head health coach.


Becky Williamson at lifeSport Fitness

lifeSport Fitness founder and president Becky Williamson is committed to the gym’s slogan: “Life’s more fun when you’re fit.” She can help you figure out how with her corporate fitness classes, one-on-one personal training sessions or bootcamps. When you join, you can try a seven-day bootcamp absolutely free. There are several facilities in the South Bay Area, including Los Gatos, Campbell and San Jose.


Kyoung and Zack Miller at Hot Body Fitness

With Zumba and spinning, you can certainly enroll in a class at Hot Body Fitness, but you should really work with trainers Kyoung Miller and Zack Miller. Kyoung has more than 20 years of experience in personal training and often helps clients meet a range of fitness goals. Zack is the man to see if you want to start bodybuilding, you want to drop body fat or you want to learn more about holistic nutrition.


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