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Personal Trainers in the Carolinas

Getting in shape goes to the top of most people’s minds two specific times each year: Right after the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Day, and right before beach season starts.

Now that the latter is now upon us, you might be thinking about getting into an effective fitness routine. Fortunately, there are trained professionals all around you who will work with you to put a solid routine together.

The best personal trainers are creating customized plans for each client based on their fitness levels and goals. Here are such 16 personal trainers in the Carolinas.


Beyond Barriers — Hillsborough, NC

No matter what of personal training you’re looking for, Beyond Barriers can most likely help. The fitness center’s well-rounded group of trainers is certified in everything from kettlebell training, to cycling, to PiYo Strength, to corrective exercise. Private training sessions are available.


Capital Strength & Conditioning — Raleigh, NC

Capital Strength & Conditioning can assist clients with a variety of goals, including burning fat, building muscle or simply getting better at their existing routines. You can get your personal training on a one-on-one basis or in a small group setting. Capital Strength also offers sports and athletic training programs for three different age groups as well as NFL Combine/Pro Day training.


Body By Design Studio — Raleigh, NC

Body By Design Studio helps its clients reach their fitness goals through strength training. Founder Joe Augustine and his team have found strength training to be the key to burning fat, improving body shape and improving overall health. Body by Design’s trainers will educate you on the moves you’re doing and the purpose they serves, too. The two studios’ training programs include Teen Personal Training, Senior Health & Fitness and Buff Brides.



Core Results Personal Training — Raleigh, NC

Core Results helps clients reach goals that they might otherwise be struggling to hit on their own. The studio crafts well-rounded training programs that use cardio and weight training with additional focus on nutrition. Some of its programs include focuses on post-operational rehab, training for a target even, weight loss, and postpartum fitness.


The Fire — Asheville, NC

The Fire Personal Training Studio can help people of all ages and fitness levels lose weight, build up their energy, increase their muscle tone and more, but their specialty in doing so lies with people over the age of 50.

The studio goes the extra mile to make sure everyone feels comfortable and is having fun while working toward their goals. There are no mirrors on the walls, and one-on-one and personal group (up to 12 people) sessions are available.


Kuzora Fitness — Wake Forest, NC

Founder John Kuzora helps people accomplish their goals of getting fit and losing weight with a variety of programs. Kuzora Fitness offers programs such as the 30-Day Rapid Fat Loss Bootcamp, an Eight-Week Flat Belly Program that’s designed specifically for men, one-on-personal training and more. Kuzora Fitness can also assist with food plans to help you burn fat even faster.


Raleigh Personal Training Center — Raleigh, NC

The Raleigh Personal Training Center works not only on its clients’ bodies, but on their minds and spirits, too. Led by a staff of skilled and professional personal trainers, the center does all of its workout sessions by appointment only. Trainers stick with their clients through the entire process and help them see the improvements they are making along the way. Training sessions focus on flexibility, fat loss, toning, cardiovascular health and more.



Form Fitness Personal Training

Clients of Form Fitness Personal Training can get both physical training and counseling for their diet and nutrition, too. Form Fitness has a licensed dietician on staff who can design a customized diet plan that will along with your exercise habits, so you’ll have more fuel for your workouts and still be able to lose weight.


EarthFIT — Beaufort, SC

EarthFIT is a multi-purpose personal training center than can help people will all kinds of lifestyles and schedules get into shape, build energy or even ease back pain. EarthFIT offers one-on-one customized training sessions and small group training sessions, so the trainer can still give each client proper attention.


Shaping Concepts — Charleston, SC

When it comes to losing weight, Shane Doll at Shaping Concepts will work with you to dig beyond the “eat less and exercise more” solution. He’ll also take a look at other factors that could play into your weight such as metabolism, genetics and hormonal balances. Diet and nutrition consolations are just one of the services Shaping Concepts offers, however. You can take part in 60-minute nutrition seminars, take part in a 12-week body transformation program or get one-on-one training sessions.


reFROM Studios — North Charleston and Summerville, SC

Personal training is reFORM Studios’ primary specialty, but they don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to it. When a client comes in, the staff will sit with them and complete an initial fitness assessment to get an idea about their goals and develop a program that will best suit them.

reFORM’s team of trainers will not only coach and motivate you, but also hold you accountable as you make your way towards your goal. All of this will happen in a personal, private atmosphere. Training sessions last a minimum of three months and can last up to a year or longer, depending on your goals.



Get Fit With Troy — Fort Mill and Rock Hill, SC

Certified personal trainer Troy Harris likes to remind his clients that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same goes for fitness. You can’t hit your goal in one day, but Harris believes by working with a trainer three days a week a little at a time can lead to a healthier lifestyle. Harris keeps clients from getting complacent in their fitness routines by mixing in a combination of body sculpting and resistance training.


Fit Body by Angelo — Charleston, SC

Angelo Frasier has worked with everyone from college and professional athletes, Miss America contestants and members of the armed forces. Frasier’s specialty is sculpting his clients’ bodies based on their needs and requirements. He takes a holistic approach to training clients and customizes programs for every client.


Graham Fitness — Shandon/Forest Lake, Harbison/Irmo and Lexington, SC

Tim Graham has trained more than 400 clients in his career. Whether you’re looking to tone your body or drop some pounds, Graham Fitness can help. Graham has a Fit in 15 program that’s designed to help clients lose 15 pounds or more in 15 weeks, lower their body fat, get stronger, lower their blood pressure and more.


9Round Fitness — Easley, SC

9Round Fitness provides clients with a 30-minute full-body kickboxing circuit training session. There are no class times; a new workout just starts every three minutes, so you can hop in at any time. You’ll use every muscle each time you participate, and there’s always a personal trainer around to help you with technique and to keep you motivated.


Millennia Nutrition and Fitness — Upstate Area, SC

Owner Victor Andres Ranilla is a certified trainer who works one-on-one with clients to help them with weight loss, nutrition and personal training. Ranilla puts together individualized fitness plans to better help his clients meet their goals. He can provide sessions at your home, office or gym.


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