This protocol provides you with general guidelines for initial stage and progression of rehabilitation according to specified time frames, related tissue tolerance and directional preference of movement. Specific changes in the program will be made by the physician as appropriate for the individual patient.

****Please fax initial assessment and subsequent progress notes directly to IBJI at 847-234-2090***

REMEMBER: It can take up to a year to make a full recovery, and it is not unusual to have intermittent pains and aches during that time!  Swelling may be on-going for 6 months following surgery.

Recovery at a glance:

  • No casting during recovery
  • 2 weeks protected weight bearing in a boot, followed by progression to regular shoe gear
  • Physical therapy to start 2 weeks post op
  • At 6 weeks progression to sports specific strengthening and return to activity as tolerated

Detailed recovery / rehabilitation protocol:
Phase I: Week 1-2


  • Control pain and swelling
  • ADL (activities of daily living)


  • WB in boot as tolerated
  • Elevate to control swelling
  • AROM hip and knee
  • Sutures removed @ 14 days
  • ADL

Phase II: Week 3-6


  • Full ROM (range of motion)
  • Normal gait


  • Wean from boot as tolerated
  • AROM (active range of motion) in all directions
  • Massage for edema
  • Strengthening
  • Theraband and progress to WB exercises as tolerated
  • Toe raises
  • Inversion/eversion on wobble board or fitter
  • Strengthening hip – against resistance in standing knee – wall sits, squats as tolerated core – activate abdominals – bridging – standing: upper extremity diagonals – use core when on wobble board
  • Gait retraining
  • Manual mobilization if required

Phase III: Week 6+


  • Full strength and endurance
  • Good proprioception
  • Return to work +/or activity


  • Full activity as tolerated
  • Proprioception retraining
  • Dynamic training: hopping skipping running
  • Progress to plyometrics
  • Work or sport specific retraining

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