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19 Resources for Retirees Looking to Get Active Again

Getting more active should be near the top of the to-do list for any retiree. Not only does physical activity in older adults increase longevity, but it can also relieve depression, improve balance and prevent diseases. This simple, life-changing habit can be done in a variety of ways—from walking and swimming to yoga and dancing. There are so many ways to get active again!

The following resources are great starting points for seniors looking to incorporate fitness into their everyday lives.



AARP, Twitter: @AARP

One of the most well-known organizations geared toward helping retirees make their dreams become realities, this nonprofit offers benefits to more than 37 million members. Their health resources offer tips on everything from brain health to fitness routines.


Retire WOW, Twitter: @RetireWOW

Made for the Baby Boomer generation, Retire WOW offers tips that keep alive the dream of feeling perpetually youthful. And from nutrition to physical fitness, this is a great health resource for seniors.


NIH Senior Health, Twitter: @NIH

The National Institute of Health for seniors has a  great deal of of information to keep retirees active and healthy. Its website has health topics from A to Z, and videos featuring exercise and physical fitness., Twitter: @SeniorOnline

While this website covers a wide range of topics for seniors, its health section’s tips and information on exercise and fitness deserve extra attention. Also, the site’s diet and nutrition tips will help prepare and fuel your body to become more active.


Eldergym, Facebook: Eldergym

Eldergym is a premier senior fitness resource with articles on staying active, workout videos and a collection of DVDs that allow you to exercise from home. This website offers more than you’ll need to jumpstart your active lifestyle.


Get Old, Twitter: @GetOld

Most people don’t just need motivation to get active; they need inspiration, as well. This website combines facts with humor to help seniors see the lighter side of aging. And, bonus, their “Oldspiration” link offers inspiring stories to ease any fears of aging you might have.



Life Reimagined, Twitter: @LifeReimagined

Fitness isn’t a fad — it’s a lifestyle change. Developed by AARP, Life Reimagined helps people reimagine their lives. From well-being to relationships, this community will help you focus on what truly matters and guide you through small steps toward becoming who you want to be.


SilverSneakers, Twitter: @SilverSneakers

This fitness program, geared toward active seniors, offers gym access at more than 13,000 locations across the nation. There are also community programs that allow older adults to make new friends, get outdoors and work out!


RSVP, Twitter: @NationalService

Known to increase longevity and keep seniors active, volunteering can be a fun way for older adults to continue moving. RSVP is one of the largest volunteer networks for people 55 and older, and offers positions that range from a few hours to full-time commitments.


Go4Life, Twitter: @NIAGo4Life

An online tool from the National Institute on Aging, Go4Life is a place where seniors can set fitness goals, track their progress, get tips on staying active and celebrate their success. Best of all, Go4Life keeps you motivated and can help newcomers figure out where to start.
19 Resources for Retirees Looking to Get Active Again


Guide to Senior Exercise, Twitter: @LoveToKnow

Fitness is one of the most important habits of healthy seniors, but what kind of fitness is best for you? This article breaks down the variety of exercises and how they can impact your body and lifestyle.


What the Doctor Ordered: Exercise Prescriptions, Twitter: @OptumNews

For those who can’t seem to find the motivation to start an exercise program, their doctors might be the answer. Learn how your doctor can write you a prescription for certain exercises geared toward making you more active.


Exercise Ideas for Older Adults, Twitter: @BCBSMA

From jogging to cleaning your house, exercise can be so many things. Learn how you can incorporate fitness into your lifestyle through new health goals and your everyday activities.


The Best Workout DVDs for Boomers, Twitter: @NextAvenue

This list of workout DVDs is perfect for those over 50. From strength-building and restorative fitness to healing workouts, there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or novice.


Exercise Plan for Seniors, Twitter: @Healthline

This four-part exercise plan doesn’t just give daily workouts; it gives you detailed instructions on how to further your fitness routine by building strength, stretching and finding balance. The plan will help you form healthy habits through attainable goals.



Senior Fitness: Easy Does It, Twitter: @CollageVideo

A preview of Craig Maracci’s “Easy Does It” exercise video for seniors, this video gives you a taste of proven dumbbell fitness modified for older adults. The workout also centers around a chair, making it simple to incorporate at home.


Hip Flexor Stretches for Senior Citizens, Twitter: @Livestrong

This simple video shows how easy hip flexor stretches can be done anywhere. Ready for more? LIVESTRONG offers a variety of exercise videos and tips for seniors.


Gentle Yoga Class for Seniors // Facebook: The Mat Project

Watch this video to see for yourself how yoga is a relaxing, restorative solution to your fitness routine.


Dance Exercise for Older Adults, Twitter: @MUVEdance

No activity out there is more fun than dance, and MUVE offers improvised dance exercise for older adults and seniors. This video is just an example of MUVE fitness — visit for more.

Whether you watch a single exercise video on YouTube or join an online community to stay motivated, there is an abundance of ways to get active. These resources give your active lifestyle a place to start and can help you build endurance and reach your goals. So, pick which route works for you and get started!

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