Pain Management Options For Ankle Arthritis

After both subtle as well as complex injuries of the midfoot, surgery may be necessary to stabilize the bones and ligaments in this area. Even after appropriate surgical management surgery may be necessary due to the development of arthritis in this location. With non-surgical management of unstable injuries, the development of painful arthritis of these joints is nearly universal. When pain has failed conservative treatment, surgery may be necessary. This specifically involved gluing the joints of the midfoot together (fusion) to prevent the minimal remaining motion and associated pain. This operation requires non-weight bearing for 8 weeks followed by protected increased weight bearing. The long term pain relief after such a procedure can be substantial and the limitations after this procedure involve stiffness across the middle of the foot. All of the up and down motion in the ankle persists and only the up and down motion contributed to the foot from these joints (less then 30% of the foot) is lost.

Ankle Arthritis Treatment Near Me

For many patients with chronic undiagnosed pain in the middle of the foot in this region, a subtle injury that has occurred to this part of the foot that in commonly unrecognized may be the reason for the discomfort. Evaluation with an orthopaedic foot and ankle specialist may be necessary for diagnosis with specialized testing maneuvers and x-rays in order for appropriate recognition.

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