Exploring Your Ankle Replacement Options

Ankle replacement is an excellent option for many patients with ankle arthritis. Traditionally, ankle replacements were fraught with failure, but newer designs have shown and continue to show improvements and promise. Dr. Vora is trained to perform 3 different types of ankle replacement procedures, individualized for patient needs. Ankle replacements have the benefit of maintaining ankle motion as best possible, thus allowing for possible improvement in walking ability and a limitation on the stresses across the other nearby joints of the foot and ankle over time. By maintaining this motion, it is theorized that other nearby joints will be less likely to develop arthritis and subsequent pain over time.

Candidates for Total Replacement of the Ankle

Patients who have a well-lined-up ankle and good motion are typically better candidates for ankle replacement than they are for ankle fusion. One of the ankle replacement types Dr. Vora performs is particularly advantageous because it minimizes the amount of bone removed and can be inserted in a relatively easy fashion, allowing for multiple options in the future should additional surgery be required. The other type of ankle replacement available generally requires more bone resection but has unique advantages, as well, which make it suitable for certain patients and can be an excellent option for use in revision situations.

Ankle replacement surgery can now often be performed on an outpatient basis (going home the same day of your surgery). The recovery generally involves 2 weeks of non-weight bearing followed by 6 weeks of protected weight bearing in a removable boot. During the recovery, physical therapy to initiate ankle motion, swimming, and non-impact exercise may be started. At 8 weeks, most patients are able to walk without a boot or any braces and resume most daily activities with continued improvement in strength and ankle function for up to 1 year occurring.

Ankle replacement surgery requires extensive training and specialization. Treatment with an orthopaedic foot and ankle specialist who specializes in such procedures is strongly recommended.

Learn About Ankle Replacement Rehabilitation Protocol.

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