What Causes Foot Arthritis?

The feet are the foundation of our body’s movement. Over the years and miles that the foot walks, the wear and tear of overuse can begin to cause the foot’s bone and tissue structure to degenerate. Arthritis can also be brought on by an autoimmune disease, as well as following the body’s recovery from trauma. Foot arthritis is not only limited to the foot, but can also be caused by ankle conditions as well.

Treatment for Arthritis in Feet

When bones and joints in the hind foot, or heel and ankle region, are suffering from the affects of arthritis, a subtalar arthrodesis may be performed to regain up and down motion in the foot and ankle. This procedure utilizes screws to hold together the joint until the body heals and fuses the joint back together. The recovery period for this type of arthritis-correcting procedure ranges from 10-12 weeks, and requires physical therapy and low-impact activity.

Triple Arthrodesis of the Foot

The hind foot is made up of 4 bones, the talus, the navicular, the calcaneus, and the cuboid. In instances where there is severe dysfunction of the tendons of the foot, as well as arthritis-specific cases caused by autoimmune disease or previous bone fractures, a triple arthrodesis is performed. This is where the 4 bones of the hind foot are glued together to provide a solid bone mass that aids in stability. These bones are responsible for the side-to-side motion in the foot. Following the procedure, patients may experience difficulty walking on uneven surfaces, but flat surface walking should prove move more comfortable.

Shoes for Arthritis

We often see arthritis in the midfoot in patients who have suffered a fracture at some point, or are dealing with osteoarthritis. This area of the foot is vital to balance, as it’s where the foot’s arch is. Prior to the surgical route, there are many types of footwear that can provide additional support to this region of the foot. Once a bone fusion is performed, the long-term pain relief is substantial, and minimal motion is lost in the foot.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that affects millions. Studies show that 90% of rheumatoid arthritis suffers will eventually develop symptoms in the foot or ankle. Dr. Vora has treated dozens upon dozens of patients who are suffering from this type of arthritis, and has found that surgery is able to provide significant relief, but, unfortunately, cannot cure rheumatoid arthritis. Most cases will call for an arthrodesis, or an arthroplasty in more severe cases.

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