Midfoot Injury Treatment Options

For patients with arthritis of the middle joints of the foot, secondary to degenerative arthritis (osteoarthritis) or after trauma (post-traumatic arthritis) of the midfoot, a fusion, or welding together of the midfoot joints, may be necessary to relieve pain and restore the normal positioning of the foot.

Midfoot Surgery For Severe Pain

Once these joints become arthritic, some shoe wear options and conservative treatment can be considered, but for severe pain and / or collapse of the arch of the foot, surgery may be necessary. This operation requires non-weight bearing for 8 weeks followed by protected increased weight bearing. The long-term pain relief after such a procedure can be substantial, and the limitations after this procedure involve stiffness across the middle of the foot. All of the up and down motion in the ankle persists, and only the up and down motion contributed to the foot from these joints (less then 30% of the foot) is lost.

Midfoot Arthrodesis Surgery in Chicagoland

These joints of the foot are particularly difficult to fuse together, and thus treatment with an experienced foot and ankle surgeon skilled in this surgical technique is essential. Dr. Vora has also helped develop a specific implant that works as a hybrid of a plate and staple to assist in getting the bones to heal properly, and this implant is commonly utilized for the treatment of this condition across the country.

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