What is Foot and Ankle Tendoscopy?

Tendoscopy of the foot and ankle is a minimally-invasive procedure which can be utilized to look at the tendons of the foot and ankle. It is achieved by way of two small poke hole incisions in the skin, through which a camera and a probe may be passed into the tendon lining, allowing the tendons to be examined thoroughly.

Purpose of Foot and Ankle Tendoscopy

This procedure can help diagnose problems of the tendons that are suspected clinically, such as a tendon tear, but that other forms of testing have been unable to confirm. The procedure is also useful when treating scar tissue surrounding an intact tendon, as it allows the area around the tendon to be cleaned surgically with a shaver without the need to create any large open incisions, thus minimizing complications and expediting recovery.

Foot and Ankle Treatment Options in Chicagoland

Certain areas of the foot and ankle, such as around the peroneal tendons and the Achilles tendon, are best examined and treated, whenever possible, through tendoscopy. Dr. Vora, who is an instructor in the treatment of tendoscopy and teaches other foot and ankle surgeons and orthopaedic surgeons on the minimally-invasive treatment of tendons of the foot and ankle utilizing this technique, is also highly experienced in performing the procedure for patients who meet the appropriate criteria.