How to Treat Osteochondral Talus Lesions

In this circumstance, cartilage may be harvested from one location (such as from the knee or from other parts of the ankle) and transplanted to the area of the defect. Alternatively, cartilage from a cadaver (allograft) may be utilized and transplanted to the region of the defect. Both procedures are much more involved and may have a more complex and lengthy recovery associated with them.

Dr. Vora has a special interest in these cartilage disorders of the ankle joint and utilizes arthroscopic or minimally invasive techniques whenever possible for such conditions to minimize recovery and maximize outcomes. Dr. Vora has published and lectured on these conditions both locally and nationally and instructs other orthopaedic surgeons in the treatment of this condition and is currently involved in studies evaluating the treatments of this condition.

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Consult With A Specialist in Ankle Cartilage Disorders

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