What is a Spring Ligament Injury?

A common condition that may accompany posterior tibial tendon dysfunction is an injury to the spring ligament, a band of tissue that serves as a hammock to support the bones of the foot.

Spring Ligament Injury Symptoms

The symptoms that are most commonly associated with spring ligament injuries include those that are similar to posterior tibial dysfunction and flat foot. Discomfort may occur in the form of:

  • Recurring pain during activity
  • Pain in the foot’s arch or heel
  • Swelling of the ankle

Spring Ligament Injury Treatment in Illinois

Many surgical techniques do not address this problem when considering corrective procedures. Dr. Vora and his colleagues have developed a method that exceeds the success rates of conventional spring ligament reconstruction surgeries.

Finding a solution to this problem is part of the standard flat foot correction procedure. The strategy that Dr. Vora takes yields the advantage of correcting the main source of the problem, preventing the need for additional surgery and avoiding bone cuts in areas not affected by the primary deformity. This allows for quicker recovery and less surgery in areas not primarily affected to correct the foot position. If you’d like to schedule a consultation and find a solution to your spring ligament foot pain, please contact Dr. Vora today for more information.