Custom Orthotics

What are Orthotics?

An orthotic device is any foot pad, shoe or heel insert, or ankle brace. They may be purchased over-the-counter or as custom-molded, individually designed pieces. Orthotics are used to treat various conditions of the foot and ankle, and are often effective in relieving common complaints.

Why are Orthotic Foot Inserts Important?

Orthotic devices may be recommended for several reasons, including aligning and supporting the foot or ankle, preventing, correcting or accommodating foot deformities, and improving the overall function of the foot or ankle. A very common use for orthotics is for treatment of high arched feet, plantar fasciitis or flatfeet.

Customized Orthotics in Chicagoland

To relieve symptoms of pain and correct any natural foot deformity, custom made orthotics are the best option for patients. Dr. Vora will analyze the structure of your foot and ankle to custom fit your very own orthotic shoe inserts. Acting as an added support structure, your entire body will feel the difference. To learn more about how orthotics can improve your everyday movement, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Vora to discuss your options and get custom fitted today!

Modified from the AAOS