Midfoot Fracture Reconstruction in Chicago and Libertyville

Interested in midfoot fracture reconstruction in Chicago, IL or Libertyville, IL? Learn more about the procedure and how it may be able to resolve your midfoot pain below.

Midfoot Fracture

A midfoot fracture occurs when the bones in the midfoot area are broken, or when the ligaments that work to support the midfoot are torn. The midfoot is made up of several small bones, right where the arch of your foot forms. Five metatarsals extend from this cluster of small bones and extend to make up each of your toes. These bones are held in place by ligaments. The midfoot is so important because it is in the middle of the foot – and injury to this area can make walking very difficult.

Lisfranc Fracture

A midfoot fracture is often referred to as a Licfranc injury or Licfranc fracture. This is when a metatarsal bone (the long bones that extend to your toes) is displaced from the cluster of bones in the middle of the foot (the tarsus). This injury most commonly occurs due to the midfoot being crushed – typically something heavy dropping on the foot. Athletics may also be to blame for some Lisfranc injuries, such as snowboarding where the board’s binding may cover part of the foot.

A midfoot fracture/ Lisfranc fracture often requires surgery and reconstruction in order to completely heal, although more conservative treatments are available. Treatment will depend on the severity of the fracture, however it is important to note that the longer one waits to get reconstruction surgery, the longer the recovery will take.

Midfoot Fracture Reconstruction

After both subtle as well as complex injuries of the midfoot, surgery may be necessary to stabilize the bones and ligaments in this area. Even after appropriate surgical management, reconstruction may be necessary due to the development of arthritis in this location.

Midfoot fracture reconstruction involves placing the displaced metatarsal bone as close as possible to its original placement while retaining all function of the joints. The actual midfoot fracture reconstruction procedure will vary depending on if the injury is new or old. A newer injury will be easier to operate on, while older injuries will need to be assessed more carefully based on the scar tissue that has formed.

Recovery from Midfoot Fracture Reconstruction

After midfoot fracture reconstruction surgery, the patient will not be able to bear weight on the foot for about 6 weeks. A non-weight-bearing cast will be worn to ensure proper healing. Over the next 6-10 weeks, the patient will be able to begin to bear more weight on the recovering foot. Physical therapy may also be prescribed during this time in order to prevent joint stiffness and improve mobility.

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