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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

That’s a famous Benjamin Franklin quote, and while we can reasonably assume Mr. Franklin was not talking about occupational safety in the modern workplace, the spirit of the quote definitely applies to work-related injuries.

The first step in preventing ailments such as edema, carpal tunnel syndrome and lower back pain is education — and today there are plenty of good teachers from whom you can learn.

Below are 50 experts in occupational health and safety, ergonomics, and workplace injury prevention on Twitter. Cumulatively, they represent one of the best public global resources available for work-related injury education, and the knowledge they share will go a long way toward preventing any such injuries for yourself.

  • Active Working, @ACTIVEworking
  • All Things Ergo, @AllThingsErgo
  • Canadian Society of Safety Engineers, @CSSE
  • Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors, @CIEHF
  • Clark Boles, @QHSEman1
  • COSH Network, @NationalCOSH
  • Dave Collins, @Riskex
  • David Cant, @davidgcant
  • Don Dressler, @DonDressler
  • Dr. Julie Rasmussen, @JulzRasmussen
  • Dr. Shelly Jeffcott, @drjeffcott
  • EHS Today, @EHSToday
  • Ergonomics Plus, @ergoplus
  • Ergo Squad, @ErgoSquad
  • EU-OSHA, @eu_osha
  • Fit For Work, @FIT4WRK
  • Gene Mitchell, @SafetyPartner
  • Get America Standing, @getUSAstanding
  • Goldtouch, @goldtouch
  • Good Day at Work, @gooddayatwork
  • Guy Osmond, @OsmondGroup
  • Health+Safety At Work, @healthandsafety
  • HealthSafetyNews, @HealthSafety
  • Human Factors / Ergonomics Society, @HFES
  • Humantech, @humantech
  • Jill Kelby, @kelbyergonomics
  • John Newquist, @johnanewquist
  • Kevin Jones, @SafetyOz
  • Leonore Higgins, @ErgoLenore
  • Linda Tapp, @SafetyFUN
  • Mark Middlesworth, @Mark_ATC
  • Marnie Courage, @enablingaccess
  • Nick McElhiney, @ergo_evolution
  • Nicole Pontefract, @NicPontefract
  • Occupational & Environmental Medicine (OEM) BMJ, @OEM_BMJ
  • Occupational Health & Safety Magazine, @OccHealthSafety
  • Peak Ergonomics, @PeakErgonomics
  • Posture People, @PosturePeopleUK
  • Safety Community, @safetycommunity
  • SafeWorkPro, @SafeWorkPro
  • Shawn M. Galloway, @safetyculture
  • Shelby Cass, @ergosmac
  • SHP Online, @SHPOnline
  • Steven Shorrock, @StevenShorrock
  • The Human Solution, @HumanSolution
  • UL Workplace, @ULworkplace
  • University of Washington Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, @UWDEOHS
  • Workforce Safety, @WorkforceSafety
  • Workplace Health Without Borders, @WHWB3
  • Workrite Ergonomics, @WorkriteErgo

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