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How do you like to get exercise? The answer isn’t necessarily important as long as you’re getting some.

However, if you’re looking to get back into (or start) a workout routine but don’t know where to start, consider yoga. It’s a good workout, not hard on the joints, and a great way to increase your flexibility. Plus, exercising is usually more fun in the groups.

If you live in the Brooklyn area, you have your choice of yoga studios. The various locations offer options for people of different experience and skill levels, ages, body types and styles of yoga. Take a look at the list of 19 Brooklyn yoga studios below to get an idea of which might be best for you.


Abhaya Yoga School

Abhaya Yoga School is determined to give its students a safe space to get away from the everyday chaos in their lives. The community-oriented center offers a variety of yoga courses and styles from flow, alignment, vinyasa, restorative and power yoga. There’s something for everyone, as Abhaya Yoga has beginner classes and advance practice on its schedule. There’s also a weekly 75-minute meditation session.


Abhyasa Yoga Center

Founded in 2007 by yoga instructor J. Brown, Abhyasa Yoga Center is dedicated to a personal, breath-centered therapeutic approach that is adaptable to everyone’s needs. It’s the goal of the Abhyasa Yoga Center to give guidance and promote individual and communal health. It sees yoga not just as an exercise, but also as a way to learn how to reduce pain, appreciate life and reduce the impact of life’s difficulties. Along with its standard yoga classes, AYC offers chair yoga for those with limited mobility, and pre- and postnatal yoga sessions.


Area Yoga Brooklyn

Founded in 2000, Area Yoga Brooklyn explores balance, strength, awareness and relaxation. Instructors come from all different kinds of yoga influences and traditions. Each class is taught with the individual student in mind; instructors will offer alternative poses to better suit a student’s skill and comfort levels.


Bend & Bloom Yoga

Bend & Bloom brings students more than 60 inspiring yoga classes a week. The studio looks to encourage students to find their individual paths toward well-being with its wide selection of classes and workshops. Students work on breathing, energize their bodies and aligning themselves during Bend & Bloom classes. Parents can take in a class while their child takes part in yoga fun next door. Organic tea and cookies are served after every class.



Bikram Yoga Brooklyn

Want to really break a sweat? Bikram Yoga Brooklyn‘s 90-minute sessions get up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, which helps warm your muscles and prevent an injury.

Bikram Yoga is designed to exercise every muscle, joint, tendon, gland, organ and ligament in your body. This style of yoga will improve your strength, flexibility and balance in an effort to heal and reshape your body and get rid of any stress and/or tension. Students of all skill levels and ages are encouraged to give it a try.


Bodhisattva Yoga

Bodhisattva Yoga is both a style of yoga and the name of Park Slope Studio. Its founder, Vivekan, opened the studio in 2004 so he’d have a home for this style of yoga, which keys on breath-based flows that incorporate awareness of alignment with sun salutation sequences. The Bodhisattva style combines Dharma with medication and breath to create physical fitness and a confident body and mind.


Brooklyn Yoga Collective

The Brooklyn Yoga Collective features a diverse collection of yoga practitioners and instructors who possess a variety of backgrounds and approaches to yoga. Despite the different classes and teaching styles, everyone at Brooklyn Yoga Creative has a singular focus: To present the teachings and benefits of yoga in way that’s accessible to everyone. Students are encouraged to try the classes Brooklyn Yoga Creative has to offer until they find which ones suit them best. All experience levels are welcome.


Brooklyn Yoga School

Brooklyn Yoga School offers yoga courses on a donations-only basis. The school aims to make its practices accessible to anyone who wants to participate, which is why money isn’t a main focus. A minimum donation is $10. Brooklyn Yoga School has a walk-ins only, first-come, first-served policy. Its class schedule has something for everyone, whether you’ve never taken yoga before or are a veteran.


Dou Yoga

Dou Yoga wants its students to find their own paths toward finding balance, which is why its studio offers a community-based space for students to feel comfortable as they explore their practice. Dou Yoga’s instructors have a variety of backgrounds and unique teaching styles, so no matter what type of environment you like, you’ll find it in a class here. Classes include Yoga TuneUp Lab, Reboot & Refresh and Weekend Warrior.

Brooklyn Bridge


Greenhouse Holistic

It’s hard to imagine leaving Greenhouse Holistic without feeling good. The studio and massage spa offers yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates classes along with hot stone and deep tissue massage services, body treatments and facials. Greenhouse Holistic sees its mission as providing a safe environment in a spiritually grounded setting for people who want to grow and are interested in healing and their community. Some of the classes Greenhouse Holistic offer area Ashtanga Yoga, Barre, classic Hatha Yoga and Dharma Punx, a Buddhist meditation class.


Go Yoga

Go Yoga views yoga not just as a form of exercise, but as something meant to be part of an entire life system that helps students meet their full potential and maximize their enjoyment as human beings. It practices the system known as Raja, or Regal Yoga, which combines physical practices, breathing exercises, positive thinking through meditation, and mindfulness of interactions in the outside world.


Hosh Yoga

Hosh Yoga offers a $10 drop-in rate, free mat rental, and weekly $10 donation classes to encourages students to come in as often as they can. Their philosophy is “Health and wellness as a right of life rather than a luxury.” Courses include Morning Express, Sunrise Flow and Sweat to Meditate.


Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar Yoga, developed by yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar, is an all-purpose workout that helps supply the tools needed to create and maintain physical health, vitality, mental clarity, spiritual well-being and emotional serenity. Well-trained instructors focus on strength and endurance, concentration and meditation, and flexibility in every class. Students will learn a sequence of postures to help build strength and become more flexible; instructors come around to correct students’ poses if necessary. Props such as blankets, blocks or chairs may also be use to better demonstrate postures.


Jaya Yoga Center

The Jaya Yoga Center offers a variety of alignment-based Vinyasa classes for all skill levels. Basic courses focus on yoga fundamentals such as proper breathing, correct alignment and strength-building. There are also restorative classes, streamlined express classes, gentle yoga and medication. Private lessons and massage services are also available. Jaya Yoga Center also hosts retreats and workshops.



Park Slope Yoga Center

Park Slope Yoga Center has put together a diverse crew of teachers whose styles all incorporate Hatha and Vinyasa yoga to create an array of strong and mindful classes. Park Slope Yoga Center boasts a large studio, which gives students a little leeway on class package expiration dates. PS Yoga also offers prenatal yoga, parent/baby yoga and Pilates. Massage service is also available, both after class or anytime you want to stop in to treat your muscles.



Sacred is a yoga, movement and meditation studio that caters to adults and children alike. Yoga students of all ages, sizes, abilities and experience levels are encouraged to come out for a class. The belief at Sacred is if you love your body, it will love you back.


Yoga to the People

Yoga to the People offers classes that are accessible to everyone, of all experience and fitness levels and flexibility. The studio doesn’t expect students to “force” themselves into any particular pose, but rather explore their own edge as they strengthen their bodies and free their minds. Yoga to the People offers 60- to 90-minute hot yoga classes and Power Vinyasa classes, which focus on smooth transitions from pose to pose. Classes are donation-based; suggested donation is $10.



The YogaWorks staff isn’t just about teaching yoga to classes; it’s also looking to help students by empowering their journeys toward personal growth and well-being. Classes are true to the ancient yoga tradition, but also address some of the modern challenges people face.

Yoga Works combines classes and teacher training with integrity, quality and a sense of humor to help make yoga accessible to all. All YogaWorks teachers are required to complete at least 500 hours of YogaAlliance certification. In-studio classes include Flow Express, Hip Hop Yoga and Barworks.


Y7 Studio

Y7 Studio’s WeFlowHard Vinyasa classes are challenging and ask a lot of the body. However, all experience levels are welcome to take a class. The studio has a “do what you can” philosophy, and instructors will step in to provide adjustments and modifications when it is necessary.

Y7’s Slow Burn classes are best for beginners; they’re intense Vinyasa classes, but done at a slower pace. The longer holds give instructors more time to make and needed adjustments. Slow Burn and Vinyasa classes are both 60 minutes.


images by:
Christopher Campbell, Patrick Hendry, Vita Vilcina, Dingzeyu Li

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